2nd Fue Procedure With Dr Feriduni - 3100 Grafts And Aftercare


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Hello everyone,

A short bit about me. I am 34 years old and from the UK and have suffered with hair loss from a very young age. I have naturally thin hair anyway, and noticed in my late teens that my hairline was starting to recede heavily. As a result at 19 (back in 2004) I opted to have a hair transplant with a company in Athens, Greece, fronted by a chap named Malcolm Mendhelson (sp?) using the choi method… long story short I was young and stupid, the procedure was beyond terrible (hairs implanted without care for directionality, sparse, terrible job). I was also absolutely butchered with my scar site at the back of my head, the extent of which only became apparent years later when I had to cut my hair short due to further balding.

Resultantly, when considering a further procedure last year I was determined to research to ensure I had a far better outcome. There is a thread documenting my first procedure with Dr Feriduni from June 2019 on this forum you can find through my profile, where he repaired the very poor work from my previous transplant I had back in 2004. It involved removing my previously implanted hairline, repairing a very bad FUT scar and creating a new hairline.


I documented my first procedure and a lot of people contacted me with queries and said they found it useful so thought I would document my second. I relied a lot on these forums and browsing through the results when making my decision so hopefully this helps some of you.

Following my first surgery with Dr Feriduni last year, my hair now looked natural and I was far happier in my appearance. However, I have lost nearly all of my hair on the crown and always had in mind that a second procedure on this area would definitely be something I would want to pursue should the first procedure go well. I was delighted with the result and as a result it was a no brainer for me to continue with Dr Feriduni for my second procedure to get that ‘full head of hair’ look.

One thing at the front of everyone’s minds at the moment is the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. From the perspective of safety, the clinic had very clear protocols in place to ensure safety and as a result I felt totally comfortable with getting the procedure done at this time. You will not find anywhere more hygienic than a facility that does operations! All hotels seem to have developed very strong protocols to deal with the pandemic during my visit and I did not feel concerned at any point.

From a travel point of view, there were more limited options than my previous trip to Belgium but it was far from impossible and there were still flight and rail options, and I opted to travel out on the Eurostar this time, which was incredibly convenient. There were no issues with passing through borders and all I had to do was fill out online forms 48 hours before entering Belgium and then 48 hours before return to the UK making them aware of my travel etc. From a logistical point of view, I was aware I would need to isolate at home for two weeks upon my return. As this coincides with the 14 day recovery period after surgery, I knew this would be no issue.

I had my procedure on Monday 14th September. I stayed in Hasselt the night before and the clinic arranged for a Taxi to pick me up from my hotel and I attended the clinic at 08:30am and had my consultation with Dr Feriduni prior to the procedure. He was as meticulous and thorough as I remembered from previously and once again spent a great deal of time with me evaluating the previous procedure and discussing the aims for this second procedure. He spent a great deal of time answering my questions and was keen to hear what hopes I had from the procedure and also was as ethical as I remember previously, making it clear what was realistic given my individual circumstances and advising what he feels would be the best way forward.

It was agreed that Dr Feriduni was hopeful to extract 2,000 to 2,500 grafts for this procedure and it was agreed the vast majority would go to the crown region to create the full head of hair, with a small amount being implanted into the now repaired and far less noticeable strip scar and a small amount for a small section of my hairline where I lost a few grafts following my procedure last year. I had stated to Dr Feriduni that as he had done such a great job on my strip scar repair, I felt it was not too noticeable now and my priority was the other areas. However, Dr Feriduni explained that there is no need to be concerned about ‘wasting’ donor site grafts on the scar area as any grafts used would be implanted back into the donor area, so this common concern would not be something to worry about.

Alongside the procedure result, the attention to detail in consulting and how informed and involved you are in the process is something that I think sets Dr Feriduni apart. All the staff were incredibly warm, friendly and professional and they really help put you at ease. I recognised most of the staff working at the clinic from last time and am aware most had been working with Dr Feriduni for many years, which again showed as it all ran like a finely tuned machine.

In comparison to my previous procedure, with the work taking place in the crown region I spent the majority of the day face down which was not the most comfortable, but the staff were very attentive and kept checking in that I was doing well throughout the procedure, and whenever I needed to stretch my neck and move for comfort I was able to do so.

I was delighted that the Doctor managed to go above the expected yield and 3,100 FU’s were extracted and implanted, with the Doctor able to do all the work we had discussed in our consultation on the crown region for a full head of hair and enough left over to cover the strip scar and touch up the very small area on the hairline.

After a night resting at the hotel I attended the clinic the following morning for my follow up appointment where my hair was washed and inspected by the staff and a further consultation with Dr Feriduni where he informed me he was incredibly happy with how the procedure had went and that whilst nothing can be guaranteed, he was very hopeful of a great result. He again took the time to answer all questions I had, and I left feeling delighted excited to see what the coming months bring.

The post operative care has once again been fantastic. You are provided with a pack with all the necessary products you will use for the healing process (medications, shampoo, serums and oils, hydrating spray, etc) as well as a neck pillow to aid sleeping and you are also provided with Head Nurse and Doctors telephone numbers should there be any urgent issues in the first night post-procedure. I had two queries regarding a bit of blood coming from my donor site on the second night post procedure and also an ingrowing hair with pimple in the donor site and I contacted the clinic by email with pictures and these were reviewed by the staff and the doctor and I received a response almost immediately advising and re-assuring this was nothing to worry about. I also had a number of minor queries regarding aftercare in the two weeks post procedure and these were answered incredibly quickly by the clinic.

I also once again used the Hair Transplant app that is provided through the clinic free of charge and have found it invaluable. You receive updates to your smartphone advising what needs to be done in terms of aftercare and when with timed updates, such as taking medications, washing your hair, applying serums etc. It is so convenient and makes the process stress free and hassle free. Even though I have had a procedure in the not too distant past, it is easy to forget the detail and the app makes it really easy with the pop-up reminders on your phone. There is also a section in the app dedicated to informing you what you are now able to do each day post procedure (such as when you can return to normal sleeping without the pillow, when you can wear a hat, when you can resume exercise, drink alcohol, sexual activities, etc) and informing you how many days until you are able to do these things when you have not yet reached the milestone. Since I last used it, they have added pre-procedure instructions to the app leading up to your procedure. This was very useful as it reminded me to stop taking my multi-vitamin a few days prior, which would have otherwise slipped my mind. The FAQ section is also incredibly useful, and I would strongly recommend this app to anyone should it be available for your procedure.

In summary, at this early period I am once again very happy with the procedure and that I chose Dr Feriduni to undertake it, and am very optimistic about the result. I have included pictures below from before and during my procedure, and will provide updates with pictures as I progress. The results from my last procedure started to become visible at around the 5 and a half months mark so I suspect this will follow the same timeline.

I am more than happy to answer any questions should anyone have any


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Here are some photos showing my journey, which include my first hair transplant with Dr Feriduni and some picture after the 2nd procedure.


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Hi guys, I've realised that the incorrect image (SW10.jpg) was uploaded above with the wrong picture for 1 year post op. I have edited the post with the correct middle image now, for info :)


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I guess it's a bit soon to see the real result - would be cool to see an update though? 1st result looked incredible!


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I'm guessing you had pretty good donor density despite having fine hair? To have that many grafts taken etc from FUE...

What is the cost per graft btw?

Envious of the hairline you now have. Looks good. I'm not using finasteride for fear of exactly the reasons you describe (want to keep my systemic DHT at natural levels). Will you need to use any other treatments now?
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Are you back on Finasteride?
Absolutely not, after what I went through and the damage that persists for me 8 years on I would never touch that stuff again. I know this is a contentious topic and each to their own, but I have to be honest with my experience.


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I'm guessing you had pretty good donor density despite having fine hair? To have that many grafts taken etc from FUE...

What is the cost per graft btw?

Envious of the hairline you now have. Looks good. I'm not using finasteride for fear of exactly the reasons you describe (want to keep my systemic DHT at natural levels). Will you need to use any other treatments now?

Wise move regarding the finasteride in my personal opinion. I am not using any other treatments or products to keep my hair, no.

My donor area was decent I guess despite the fine hair. The clinic did an incredible job in fairness with the extraction. They were also very clear on the limitations of my treatment given the fact that I didn't have thick hair, which really impressed me.


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Hello everyone,

Apologies for my delay in posting an update, life got away from me a bit in these crazy times!

I have attached some photographs to show my progress, I am now at the 8 month mark and the hair has started to come in at quite a pace over the last month or so. I also had my first proper haircut last week (rather than buzz cutting it myself, which I have been doing for years), which was nice!

The Hair Transplant App was again great at taking me through and beyond the initial stages of the procedure, it was surprising how much I had forgotten since my first procedure and the App kept me on top of everything, along with the detailed pack from the clinic. The clinic have also been great with their customer service and aftercare, and answered a few queries I had very quickly.

I am really happy with how things are progressing and the crown really seems to be thickening up by the week so I am expecting it to get even better in the coming months, and I will update with photographs as it progresses. I am particularly impressed with the scar repair, as it is pretty much no longer noticeable, even with a shaved shorter at the back hairstyle!


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