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28 Losing Hair Due To Straightening And Pcos

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by KunoiSlayr, Nov 7, 2017.


Should I cut my straight ends

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    Hello. I just registered for getting some serious advice.
    When I was young I had genetically thick long hair. They were curly and unmanageable so I had to keep chopping them off. Then I straightened them during teenage twice and nothing affected its volume as much... Around 22 I developed a psychotic disorder and developed PCOS around the same time. So Iam thinking when I straightened my hair at 26 years, the PCOS caused extreme thinning as hair fell off in clumps.
    I already underwent my PCOS treatment , she took scans and she told me my cysts are small. But I am getting unwanted hair under my chin that I have to trim out.
    Another internist 2 years ago took blood test and told me it is due to Vitamin D deficiency as well as dandruff. I dont have dandruff anymore.
    I went to another doctor recently- he gave rogaine and told me its due to stress from my hallucinations. Those stress tablets are all used up and my insurance expired so I have no way to get treated.

    Nothing worried me as severely except when I lost weight rapidly. The sudden weight loss caused more extreme shedding leaving bald patches.
    My only choice now is to try natural remedies to regrow hair and wash it less often. I have gone all natural now and the more care I try to take the more it distresses me to only see myself lose more hair.
    I need advise on whether I should cut out my straight ends or hold onto them? When is it time to let go? Is it what is causing the hair thinning? Will cutting them off be a good idea or will I regret it? Please advise.

    I am attaching what it looks like from behind. Keep in mind I am distressed because this is 1/8 th of what I had. I need to know if having dead hair will effect my hair thinning and maintenance in any way. I keep trimming the split ends once in two months but I need to know not just to give the illusion of thickness but will not cutting the damaged hair effect the new hair growth in any way. Is holding on to straight ends doing more harm than good?

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