[25 M]From Nw2.5 to Nw1.5, 8 Years in my hairloss journey


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When I joined this forum, 5 years ago I promised myself I would do a thread explaining my journey and in the success story forum and not in "My story"
This day has come. Pay attention that I'm not native in English, you will most likely find errors.


Since my 12 years old, I had a lot of acne, took many products without any effects, it really affected my self confidence, could not get a single look from girls. I knew that I wasn't that ugly, but my acne ruined my dating life.
I was looking everyday in the mirror if I had less pimples, trying to style my hairs to cover them on my forehead. Then, one day, at 17 years old, I remember that one thing crossed my mind " I'm losing many hairs when I'm styling my hairs".
Everyday, same routine and same thoughts, I was losing many hairs. After 6 months every morning styling my hairs, I kept losing many hairs, I took photos and saw a difference, I was really balding and I still had a lot of acne. I cried this day.

The usual first phase of hairloss came : The deny , it's a tellogen Efflivium, I cannot lose my hairs at 17, my dad has a full head of hairs. I started looking on internet and found out about Finasteride and Minoxidyl. Ofc, the sides of Finasteride, it's a no go at 17 years old.

This was the status of my hairs at 18. We can see some weakened hairs on the temples.


First part : Minoxidyl

I started the minoxidyl at 17, it made wonders. I regained all the lost hairs, after 2 years on minoxidyl, I decided to drop it, it was a pain to apply and I questioned myself "Was I really balding ?". Worst decision I could take but at the same time i don't regret because it made me decide to trust finasteride later.

In 3 months, I lost all my hairs, I just can cover my temples, my hairs were at the worst state they had ever been. To be completely honest, I cried nearly everyday, from acne to hair-loss before 20 years old. I was "Ugly". My high school crush told me I was not her type, in other words, "ugly". It was the decisive factor, physic is everything especially at 20 years old.

Second part : Maintenance

I had a good Nw2.5. And I 20 years old, the day of my birthday, decided to start finasteride after reading studies about it's efficacy and the 3% side effects probability.
I trust more Science than Bro-Internet-Science
The state of my hairs at this moment, you can also see the state of my skin...


Nevertheless, I had 2 side effects on finasteride, the first one was brain fog during 48 hours, but it disappeared quickly. The second side effect is that it destroyed my acne, my acne vanished thanks to finasteride. Unexpected but welcome side effect.

Third part : The regrowth

Minoxidyl and Finasteride did the work to maintain my hairloss at a NW2.25 state. Despite no one noticing my hairloss because I could cover my temples quite good with my hairs, sometimes they say "You have a large forehead", and I didn't feel handsome at all. Still had no success with girls.

I decided to add micro-needling to my routine every 10 days. Started at 0.8mm but after 2 months, I was "f*** it" let's go at 1.3mm, it hurt, I bleed, it was a pain, but I really wanted maximum efficiency. At first I stopped applying minoxidyl 24 hours after the micronnedling (Derma Pen A6).

The first day of microneedling :

After 1 years on Microneedling 1.3mm, I saw results, I was gaining back my hairs. To situate it in a timeline, I had 23 years old. I started to get happy with the results but still not totally happy, because even if I had hairs on my previously balding temples, those hairs were small and could not grow to many inches.
I needed something else, a last boost.

And 1 years ago, I started to apply minoxidyl just after my session of microneedling. It gave me the last boost I needed to regain my hairs. The regained hairs grew longer and thicker.

And this is my current state. (Wet)


All photos are wet and taken with flash close to my head for the worst result possible.

Effect on me and my life

I have now 25 years old, the last photos were taken yesterday. I'm happy with the results I got. I still take my 1mg of Finasteride every morning alongside with my micronnedling and Minoxidyl.

I still slowly but surely regain my hairs. And I don't regret anything, even If i had to get a lower libido from finasteride (This is not the case).

On the other side, I regained so much self confidence, when I look myself in the mirror I see someone attractive. In the last 6 months, I dated 3 girls with Tinder, 2 of my colleagues made clear advances to me, have even slept with one. In nightclub, I see girls smiling at me and being open to the conversation while in the past years, they would refuse to speak to me. It was a life-changer, I get more attention of girls in 1 month now that in my entire previous 20 years.

I even got along with a girl that I could only dream of just one year ago, I was one of the 10 guys that was trying to flirt with her, I was the one that ended kissing her.

My best friend : Hector

If you know well Minoxidil, you know that I lasts for 2 years without a DHT stopping medecine. When I started at 17 years the minoxidyl, I started it at the same time than one of my friend "Hector". Hector was taking his advices from a dermatologist.

This dermatologist told him "With minoxidyl you can keep your hairs for a lifetime don't worry".

At 20 years old, I announced him that I started Fiansteride and warned him about the need to take a DHT killer. He told me "I trust more my dermatologist than you"
I said "ok bro do what you want" and we never spoke again about hairloss.

This is his hairs at 20:

This is his hairs now :

Thanks for reading.