19 Year Old Female Trying To Deal With Hair Loss


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Hi, I don't really know how to write this I'm not usually one to post on forums. So I used to have thick thick thick hair. Hair that would be a battle to wash, dry, and style. However over the past year my hair has been slowly thinning. Now every time it needs a washing I often panic about the amount of hair that will come out with shampooing. I'm too scared to wear it up but too self conscious to wear it down and let the bald spots show. It has also lost all of its previous moisture. It often feels dry as straw and my scalp feels like a desert (and also often hurts in various spots). About two weeks ago my mother took me to a dermatologist to see what the problem could be. He said that I was just shedding and that it should go away on its own. He also prescribed me biotin supplements and a loprox shampoo. Over the past two weeks however nothing has changed. I know I can't expect a miracle and should be patient but I panic easily and already have near no self esteem. I'm afraid that everyone around me notices my hair loss and thinks I look like baba yaga or some similar thing. I'm sorry if I rambled too much in this post this just seemed like the best place to perhaps find others who are going through similar experiences. Thank you for taking your time to read this.


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Hey welkesa,

The first thing you want to check is to make sure everything is fine health wise. Hair loss at such a young age can be a sign that something else might be going on.

1. Get blood tests. Check for thyroid, iron (ferritin), complete blood count. Make sure you don't have any vitamin deficiencies.

2. Hormones: are you on birth control or has anything changed hormonally. PCOS can cause hair loss. Look it up and see if any of the symptoms apply to you.
Are you on any medications? So many medications cause hair loss. If you are you can look it up on the hair loss association website. I was taking medication that exacerbated my hair shedding.

3. Diet: how is your diet and do you excerise? Eat enough veggies and protein? Notice any food allergies? Adding supplements like biotin, b12, vitamin D, a probiotic and fish oil are helpful for hair growth. Gut health is so important for hair health! You want to make sure your body is properly absorbing nutrients and getting them to the right places :)
4. Have you had any surgery, stress or major life changes? You could be experiencing telogen effluvium which is temporary. What does your hair loss look like? Widening part? Overall thinning with heavy sheds? Start doing some research before you go to the doctors. You have to be your own advocate with doctors.

5. Go see a dermatologist or hair loss specialist. I know going through this is very stressful but stay calm and relaxed. exercise and meditate! Think positive thoughts as hard as it might be.

There are treatments available but the first step is to identify your type of hair loss/trigger.

I hope this helps.