18 Years Old And Shedding Badly (no Treatments)


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Over the last week or so, my hair has been shedding like crazy. Hundreds and hundreds of hairs falling out over the course of each day. If I shake my head, I can see hairs falling out. I don't see any hair shedding when I shower, and I'm not even on any treatment.

I used to shower twice a day, once after I worked out and once after the steam room, and during that period I never noticed any shedding and my hair loss stagnated for at least 8 months. I could run my hand through my hair and I would be lucky to get one hair out.

When the shedding started I had been showering once every two or three days for a while. I definitely have a dry and itchy scalp that has dandruff. Could this be why I'm shedding so much? Does showering frequently hydrate the scalp and nourish the hair follicles in some way? I've also heard that steam rooms and saunas provide blood flow to the scalp and that it helps.

What are your thoughts? How often do you shower/shampoo? Thanks for reading.