18 year old girl, does this sound like alopecia?


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Over a year ago I noticed a small bald spot smaller than the size of a dime around my bang area. It is smooth and there is no hair there. I went to my primary care doctor and he looked at it with a microscope and said the skin was healthy there, he also did the pull test which came back negative. Then I had blood work done and my thyroid checked and everything was normal except vitamin D, which I now take supplements for. I dont think the spot has changed in size, but it also hasnt grown back or anything. Is this alopecia or something else? In one of the pictures you can see the spot near my bang area, there is actually two there, there are a few hairs separating the two small smooth spots. I have had both of these for over a year and they have not grown back. The other pictures are just to show my hairline because I was scared about possible miniaturization but i cant remember what my hairline looked like before....Please help, this really adds extra stress. Im obsessively checking my hair everyday to make sure no other spots have appeared and to make sure my hair doesnt feel thinner.


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You remember any changes on the skin in the "bald" area before you noticed the spot? ( irritation, redness...) It could be traction alopecia... or a ringworm. I honestly can't say...


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no, I honestly just remember looking in the mirror one day after my shower and noticing it. I went through a stressful time for a few weeks and noticed it after that, but during that time hair around my temples kinda thinned and that has since grown back to normal so im not sure where that bald spot came from. I thought maybe I had always had it and not noticed but that is unlikely since im the type of person to check my hair and notice things on my body. I also rarely wear my hair back or in any type of tight hairstyle s it cant be traction alopecia. If it was alopecia areata, would the spot have most likely changed in size over the past year or so?