17 year old with a lot of hair loss!! Help



I have been using steroids on and off for the past two years and this time around I lost a lot of hair. My hair line is receeding and my hair has thinned out alot of top. A circle is forming on the top of my head.

What I need to know is, since I am only 17 and my hair loss is due to steroids, do I need to use finasteride? Will finasteride hep me to regrow hair at the front. I am using minoxil 5% but I am not getting good results. I am thinking about trying minoxidil 15% for the front of my head.

If anyone has any suggestions which they think can help me, please say.

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Hey, well let me break down what your asking and give you my best opinion. Im only 19 and my hair is thinning and i never took steriods but im 5'9 205 lbs and a state powerlifting champion. So your hairloss may not be a direct result of the roids, granted there isa good possibility. How long have you been on minoxidil? You need to be on for at least 6 months to a year to see its full potential on your hair. Switch to 15 percent only after having done so. Have you also thought about adding Nizoral to better clean the scalp? If you do have male pattern baldness then yes finasteride will work for you, you can order on-line or go to a dr. If I was you I would recommend going to a dr. to actually check the problem. Usually steriods doesn't create male pattern baldness it only speeds up the process, because look at Schwartzeneggar he has all of his hair and was a walkign pharmacy for many years of his life. Also lay off the sh*t anyways its bad for you, ur only 17 your time will come. When I played football I was 17 and I was a 5'9 225-30 and I could grab rim and run a 4.75 forty.......you dont need that sh*t. Hope any or all of this helps


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you need to go to a Dr. NOW!!!!!!! you need to get on some kind of anti-e for post cycle therapy. and never ever touch that sh*t again. unless you are 21 and have a proper PCT for when your cycle is done.

you should go to http://www.bulknutrition.com and go to the illicit substance section of the forums.theres a chance you you will get torn a new one from alot off ppl. they are gunna call you and idiot and so on.

god damn 2 years on steroids i hope your nuts havent fallen off along with your hair