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12 Months Post Op - Fut Results - Help

Discussion in 'Women's Hair Transplant Surgery Discussions' started by Joy69, Oct 24, 2017.


Does this look like a natural feminine hairline to you??

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  2. Yes, because I am blind and my cat selected this

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  3. I vant to suck your blood

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    Joseph Yaker in Plano, Texas (Texas Center for Hair Restoration)... updated advice on what I can do to fix and feminize this hairline. My last post in the forum was at 7 months post op... here's my update. I had the FUT on 10/7/16. Female, non transgender, 48 years old with thinning hair from PCOS. 2587 plugs.

    The only way I can look normal - blow dry, flat iron, xfusion for the thinner area behind the peak, tons of hairspray and prayer (pic attached). The problem is that I live in fear of wind or rain or swimming in public, anything that would disrupt my bangs and show off my embarrassment. I haven't dated in almost a year... I can just imagine bringing a guy home getting my hair messed up in bed and having him think that I vant to suck his blood instead of something else. I used to be a pretty girl.


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