10 Year Old Son Receding Hairline


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It's my first post here in this forum. I've been trying to get some answers over the internet and I hope I can get some help here. I have a 10 year old son whose hairline is receding. I know hairloss is hereditary, but isn't he too young to suffer from that? My hair start receding when I was 20 years old. We went to his pediatrician and she told us that it is indeed hereditary. She said everything is fine. My wife and I are reluctant on going to a dermatologist cause they might say the same thing. I really appreciate if you can give me any advice. I feel helpless right now for my son.


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That must be horrible to watch your 10 year old sons hairline recede. I am 17 and my hairline has been receding for the past couple of years, so I understand the frustration with hair loss in young people. Unfortunately, your son is far too young to start taking propecia or other DHT inhibitors. You need to see a dermatologist about this. A specialist will have more knowledge and experience in this area than a GP. Hopefully you can get your son evaluated for miniaturization and determine the extent of his balding, if any. And the doctor can recommend treatment appropriate for someone his age.


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Holy macaroni, that is young. Are you sure he's receding? One would think it's impossible to start balding when you are basically a little child.


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children have very low dht i think, maybe immune system is attacking follicles for some other reason. anyway i hope you find an answer, best of luck!


Is it possible that your son has some kind of fungus? I find it difficult to grasp that you son has frontal hair loss at that age.
Thinning possibly, but not hairline issues. Go see a dermatologist.