1 year update(finasteride, min, microneedle)


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hey guys long time reader here, i have been on a regiment for about 1 year now and seem to have at least stopped my hair loss a little bit.

current regiment:
-1 mg finasteride daily
-5% min once a day
-1.5 mm microneedle once a week
-ketoconazole shampoo

these pics are from end of march 2021 - beginning of april 2021

the below pics were taken today under direct sunlight as opposed to the originals

i'm planning on getting a hair transplant for the hairline in the future, but gonna give it some time first to make sure the regiment works.


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Crown looks much better, very slight improvement at the front. With 1 transplant you're probably done.


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Good work…Might want to concentrate on hairline to possibly save it… I microneedle, but also inject serums into scalp with syringe & hydraneedle. You still have density. A hair transplant would go right over existing hairs & destroy many, while widening hairline..And the transplanted hairs will slowly disintegrate, not all but some…