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Hey guys, new poster here but i've been lurking for awhile. That top photo was from a little over a year ago and the bottom was this morning (10-26-18). I hadn't checked the top of my head like that one in the top photo for probably a good 2 years. I was in denial about losing my hair and almost accepted it. I realized the angst and stress because of losing my hair was not something I wanted to live with the rest of my life. Upon doing my late night internet research I came across Steve Cook. Most of you might know him as a "hair guru" and he certainly is. I gave him a call and he just spoke from the heart and it came across so evidently how much he cares for people. He asked me to send some photos and I was aghast at what I saw. My hair loss had hit hyper speed since I last checked it 24 months before. I was shocked. I knew it was time to do something aggressive about my hair loss. Steve recommend finasteride...done. Then we planned my hair transplant about a month later in Austin, TX with Dr. Dan McGrath.

I had the surgery November 9, 2017 and all in all got 4,506 hairs into the crown of my head. It's really been life changing. Dr. McGrath and company have an amazing office and give you the best experience possible!! I knew how long they say for the results to happen and some weeks felt longer than others but, man, i'm so glad I took the leap! Thanks to Steve Cook for his mentorship and Dr. McGrath and his team for giving me so much confidence back!


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Congrats on your results, hair looks great. Any sides from the finasteride and how much did the FUT cost?