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    Do You Ever Go On Video Chat Apps On Your Phone?

    I used various apps for video chat. Telegram and Viber for communication with friends and family. Speaking about work, we switched to Slack when the pandemic began and we started working remotely. As for me, it is easier and more convenient to send sms from slack, but still, sometimes we need to...
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    Started Noticing Worsening Tinnitus After Starting 5% Minoxidil X2 Daily

    Same here. I started suffering from tinnitus after taking Minoxidil. At first, I thought it would pass, but it became unbearable and I experienced ear ringing 24/7, couldn't sleep, etc. And I read that severe tinnitus can impact hearing. So, I addressed a staten island audiological center, was...
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    The Batman is mostly cringe bullshit

    Yes. It's just a matter of when. As far as I know, we can safely book The Batman 2 for some time between now and 2027. I personally didn't watch all Batman movies, but having cleared cache on firestick following this guide, I finally can watch everything without issues. I guess I'll try these...
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    Should you give up on dating? not worth it?

    I think this is only you who knows the answer. If you are ready for the relationship, of course, dating is worth trying. Moreover, there is a great number of dating sites and apps. In case you don't want to look for a partner online, you can address a dating agency. My brother met a gf thanks to...
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    Which destinations to visit in USA?

    My top places to visit in the USA: - Grand Canyon - Yosemite - Yellowstone - Maui - Glacier National Park - New York City - San Francisco - New Orleans I like traveling, and it was hard for me not to go anywhere when the pandemic began. Now I travel mostly inside the USA. Usually, I look through...
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    Super Bowl 2022. Any big plans on this event?

    I've very excited and looking forward to this event.
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    Taurine Helps With Hearing And Tinnitus

    I didn't know Taurine has such an effect. Thanks for sharing.
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    Chat group/slack channel?

    Well, of course, slack is not the only option, but it is really good, that's why people prefer using exactly this application. First of all, it is convenient to receive and sent slack sms, you can work even on the move. Also, you save time by seeing all the discussions and files about a project...
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    Anyone know how to get Avodart in Turkey?

    What about ordering it from foreign pharmacy stores? Maybe there are countries where it can be bought without a prescription.
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    Mcconaughey! Karma For Lying To Us About Using Regenix?

    I think it was just a marketing hook.
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    What Is The Best Way To Deal With Depression?

    Find a hobby. Usually, an interesting activity helps to take your mind off bad thoughts.