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    Anyone Who Has Made The Jump From 2.5mg To 5mg Oral Minoxidil?

    No sides what so ever. It's hilarious. Not from dutasteride every day either.
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    Anyone Who Has Made The Jump From 2.5mg To 5mg Oral Minoxidil?

    Did you see any improvement? I have been on 2.5mg daily for a year and am considering going up to 5mg Daily. I got maybe a 10% increase in density from 2.5mg Daily pretty quickly but haven't experienced anything positive for the last 10 months maybe.
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    A Reminder To Never Give Up (before/after)

    Reduced my hair loss significantly without any sides. Should be happy to be honest but I have yet to catch a break and get any cosmetic difference from anything I've tried.
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    Any Experience With Very Low Dose Oral Minoxidil (less Than 5 Mg)

    Not much to report yet but I have shedded but it has stopped now. Shedded a bit more for 2 weeks maybe, 2 weeks in.
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    Figures On World Wide Finasteride Usage

    I was never too afraid to use it but I kept dodging it for over a month because I felt there was a lot of uncertainties but now after having used it for almost 2 years, moving to dutasteride a year ago, now using oral minoxidil as well, I'm not sure why I bothered delaying it. No sides, no...
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    Do You Think Justin Bieber Is Balding? (pics)

    I'm probably one of the most care free people in the world, yet it somehow it affected me a lot more than I ever thought it would. I think he is struggling with it emotionally just like most of us, especially considering who he is and what kind of career he has.
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    Recommendations On Oral Minoxidil (dosage And Sources)

    Too early to say, I'll make sure to update if things get better (or worse for that matter) down the line.
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    Recommendations On Oral Minoxidil (dosage And Sources)

    I drink a cup Monday through Friday in the morning and I'm cool. Taking 2,5mg daily in the morning as well.
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    Do You Think Justin Bieber Is Balding? (pics)

    I have those issues too and I'm taking dutas.
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    What Is The Best Minoxidil In The Market ?

    No, it's not but easier to use. I guess I would suggest brandname stuff, Rogaine etc.
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    Possibility Of A Minoxidil Overdose ( Seven Word )

    No, he means 100mg daily. People may be given up to such a daily dosage for blood pressure. I doubt you would wanna go above 10mg for hair loss though. Start with 2.5mg, if it's not strong enough, try 5mg.
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    My Blood Results Came Back Can Someone Decipher

    You should always check your thyroid if you are suspicious.
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    Finally success treating my hair loss with Avodart (Dutasteride)

    Finasteride affects semen density too. Things should get back to normal once you go off finasteride or in this case dutasteride. Might take half a year if not up to a year, depends on the user I guess but you're not going to wanna have kids while on these kinds of meds so you are always advised...