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    23 Year Old,worried As f***,help Me Guyz.

    QUOTE="FutureSaitama, post: 1478215, member: 127823"]Diffuse Patterned Alopecia, get on finasteride or RU Thanx but I don't wanna jump on medicine right away..just want opinion so that I will know what to expect..and I looked up what you said and I feel that is hair are thinning out.a...
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    23 Year Old,worried As f***,help Me Guyz.

    Yeah...but I think I m ok at the side and back..if you want I can share.let me know.
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    23 Year Old,worried As f***,help Me Guyz.

    So from the time of my last thread I was kinda relaxed because I thought it's nothing but I have started seeing thinning hair here is my full story.. Last year I was diagnosed with TB(tuberculosis).I m well n cured now it's been a year I m cured but since then I have started feeling...
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    Am I Balding Or Just Worried For Nothing?

    Hey guys, I am new her so I don't know how it works. I am worried about my crown. I uploaded a pic so you can tell me your opinion. I never used any medication and hopefully I won't have to..
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    Susccess Using A 50/50 Mixture Of Castor And Coconut Oil

    Hey I am new here.i don't know if I m going bald or not,but I m worried about my crown.i read your post and just wanted to know if the 50-50 mixture helps on the crown or overall? I went to dermatologist around 6 mnths back and he doesn't think I have a hair-loss problem.