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    The real cause of male pattern baldness - Discovered and explained

    @Mitko1 What do you think of his galea? He's 55 years old and not yet bald
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    HMI-115 PRLR antibody: The Most Promising Treatment Ever

    What is the expected price for a semi-annual hmi course if you buy it at gb?
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    New GB for Proven Treatment: Cyclosporine A

    Does cyclosporine have withdrawal syndrome? That is, if I decide to take a course of cyclosporine for 3 months, grow the right amount of hair, can I maintain that level with duta/bica?
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    TechnoDerma Medicines new small molecule - TDM-105795

    What is gb? I have come across the acronym several times on this website, but have never understood what it means
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    Hutera - New 'microbubble' Topical Dutasteride

    Have you tried the way 316606? By the way, microneedling also works partly with wnt
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    Growth Hormone (HGH) for hair loss. Increase or decrease DHT?

    I think the combined use of bicalutamide 100+mg and growth hormone should give a very good result, as the increased dht levels due to increased igf-1 are not dangerous
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    Safe for your reproductive system Estradiol intake

    What do you think about the combination of estradiol and clomiphene? Clomiphene selectively blocks estradiol receptors in the hypothalamus and testicles without affecting the skin or hair follicles. Thus, when clomiphene and estradiol are combined, it is possible to maintain effectiveness for...
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    Norwood 5 -> Norwood 2.5 Diffuse In 3 Months!

    Great results!!!
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    oral antiandrogens and topical antiandrogens 23 years old

    *Bicalutamide in combination with raloxifene or tamoxifen is ideal for oral administration. No irreversible effects on reproductive function with high efficacy. I'm sorry, the automatic translator on my browser has translated my text into Russian for some reason
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    oral antiandrogens and topical antiandrogens 23 years old

    Бикалутамид в сочетании с ралоксифеном или тамоксифеном идеально подходит для приема внутрь. Отсутствие необратимого воздействия на репродуктивную функцию при высокой эффективности.