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    Can Diffuse Thinners Get A Fue Transplant?

    I've seen some amazing results on diffuse thinners. I am very optimistic about getting one myself
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    Prp - Platelet-rich Plasma Treatmant

    Good to hear it seems to be working for you, I wish you luck and keep us updated!
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    Prp - Platelet-rich Plasma Treatmant

    There was a big hype about it years ago, and the common conclusion is that it's a huge waste of money. rethickening barely happens and sometimes it also damages your hair. you can search for tons of threads about it here and see people's experiences
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    New Here, Where And How To Buy Finasteride?

    If you want to try that route, I would definitely advise going to a Dermatologist and getting a legit prescription for the pharmacy. It is one of the few treatments which are approved and legit, and maybe also covered by your health insurance. why look somewhere else? Good luck with the fight :)
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    Starting Dermaneedling, Is 1.5mm Too Short?

    Hi, I have started experimenting with microneedling for a lack of a better option so far. I was hoping to hear some advice from experienced users Using a 1.5mm dermastamp, i find it does not cause any bleeding or even redness, also when pressing firmly. Should i consider using 2 or 2.5mm to...
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    Topical Finasteride Without Minoxidil

    Rogaine usually comes in 5%, which would mean 5g/100ml which is extremely high I started topical finasteride with 0.05% and slowly dosed up to 0.2-0.3% 100ml of topical finasteride at a concentration of 0.2% would mean 200mg finasteride, which is 40 proscar pills
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    What Is The Situation With That Miracle Drug Way316606?

    Interesting that you say that. I was convinced that it was just my personal journey of accepting my fate and getting more sceptical with the years (started balding 3-4 years ago)
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    Brotzu Lotion (trinov) Progress Pictures And Diary

    Well, this is probably nerve wracking for any man on the train. I hope the guys that stay on it and have great success after 6+ months. It does seem to do something for women though.
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    Brotzu Lotion (trinov) Progress Pictures And Diary

    So basically the research run by these pharma companies themselves is not convincing? :( :( :(
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    Brotzu Lotion (trinov) Progress Pictures And Diary

    thanks @altsequence ! I will keep on chewing my fingernails waiting for results (too scared to be the guinea pig myself)
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    Brotzu Lotion (trinov) Progress Pictures And Diary what does "marginally increased" mean? do we have anyone with 6 month of usage or longer reporting success? Give us some hope...!
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    Rate My 3261 Grafts Fue By Dr Demirsoy.

    Thanks man! Did you have any diffuse thinning anywhere or just the temples loss? I guess I couldn't reach such a great result because I'm thinning overall the scalp... Anyway, great result, especially the latest photos. good on you
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    Rate My 3261 Grafts Fue By Dr Demirsoy.

    Your hair looks incredible, congrats! is there any chance to see the before photos anywhere? page 1 on this thread seems to be all dead links? thanks
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    Trying Out Propecia, Not Sure If Potential Sides Are Worth It.

    You still got great hair. I wouldn't monitor morning woods and stuff like that because there are a million factors that can affect that and you would just go insane. 3 weeks is still too soon. If you're gonna stick with it (at least 2-3 months before you can notice anything) I think you are...