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    Where To Buy Avodart Online? Been Using For 2 Years(ish)

    Got mine from I never got bloodwork done but I noticed a drastic decrease in shedding and my male pattern baldness itch/burn disappeared, so I assume it was legit.
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    This Guy Got Insane Regrowth With Daily Dermarolling (along With finasteride And minoxidil)

    I've been on loniten 5mg daily for about a year and I have hair growth in a pattern like in these pictures, but they're much thinner and light in color, a few off patches of dark hairs that I have to shave off every week. Some of them are long enough to pull, some are still shorter. Do you think...
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    Can I Use Loniten "minoxidil"oral Tablets On Days Where I Want Clean Hair?

    5mg of loniten is infinitely more powerful then 4mls of topical. I would stay away from it, it's only to be used as a last resort in my opinion. I actually just started taking loniten a few days ago, but in my defense my blood pressure is actually a bit high so it's a win-win situation. Taking...
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    Quick Question - Is Inhouse Legit These Days?

    I've been thinking about using them as they accept bitcoin, which is 10x easier for me then the payments other sites take like ADC. They're a bit pricier but I don't mind so long as they are actually legitimate and not scammers. Anyone, recently, have experience with them? Perhaps even using...
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    How Do You Get A Dutasteride Prescription?

    I'm also interested in an answer to this. I used to use AllDayChemist but lately they've been lacking and my bank is starting to get upset with me about weird payments to these foreign grocery stores.
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    Finasteride Side Effects Ever Wear Off?

    The only side effects I ever had were sore nipples and brain fog. They went away after 3 or so months. It's been about 2 years and they haven't come back.
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    Gynecomastia: Have Any Of You Used Gynexin?

    Raloxifene might help but only if you just recently got gyno. If you've had it for over a few months you need surgery.
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    Upgrading From Finasteride To Dutasteride...

    I have a lot of confidence that there will be much improvement, I mean it's so potent I can't see it not working 99.99% of the time.
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    Upgrading From Finasteride To Dutasteride...

    Finasteride has dramatically slowed my hairloss on my hairline, but has been utterly ineffective on my crown/vertex. I decided that after two years, it's time to switch to dutasteride. I plan to take .5mg every day. I'm just wondering, from others experiences perhaps, how bad the initial shed...
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    Dutasteride Dosage And Frequency Question

    Still on finasteride, decreased dosage to .25 mg every other day and saw slight improvement, but when I added minoxidil things started getting interesting, especially on my hairline. It's holding up great and responding well to the combo, so much so that I went from a NW2 to currently being a...
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    Dutasteride Dosage And Frequency Question

    Not thinning, just losing density, mostly on the crown. Somehow, the front has been holding up even better then before. I'm going to add 2.5mg of loniten daily with .5mg of dutasteride daily, along with high doses of anti-inflammatory things like fish oil, taurine and green tea. I figure that...
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    Possible Fitness Models Waring A System?

    If they are, they're doing a damn good job of hiding it. I'd imagine a few don't wear one though, I'm thinking the zyzz types with those strong middle eastern/asian hair genetics.
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    Dutasteride Dosage And Frequency Question

    1 year, didnt do anything except decrease my facial hair.