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    RU from Follicle Fit: is this legit?

    what about ? Anyone tried from them?
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    Liposomal delivery of RU58841 and Dutasteride

    Anyone tried RU58841 from here? Is it legit?
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    Pilox released: The Cure?

    how much does that magic thingy cost tho? :)
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    New Book From Rob (perfect Hair Health)?

    It will? .... "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!"
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    New Book From Rob (perfect Hair Health)?

    50 bucks for an ebook and some video? How can you sleep well at night.....
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    It Begins. I purchased all the items for the SwissTemple Prostaglandin Protocol. Wish

    do you also use all the other stuff like Cloprostenol, Valproic acid, Stemoxydine and Miconazole?
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    Prostaglandin Protocol General Discussion [swisstemples]

    Have you heard of him lately? He seemed to disappear, no updates on his website since November
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    How can we make seti affordable?

    I think that it all comes to manufacturing cost at the end. If Seti is expensive to create and not a lot of people sell it - the price can be high even with high demand. If its cheap to create (more likely imo) and still not a lot of people sell it - the price can rapidly change with high demand.
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    Treatment is available, for special people.

    He found something that works... its classified
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    Kane is offering Setipiprant now

    Did anyone else notice that Anagen and Kanes website look very similar? Not only the website composition, but also prices of products are the same. They even have the same banner headers in the carousel on the homepage :D They both have RU sollution for 39,98 for example