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    The Group Buy to End All Group Buys: Twist1 Inhibitor

    Does that conclusion also apply to topical finasteride?
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    Rolling The Way To A Rejuvenated Pate-success With Dermarolling After Dropping dutasteride, Estro And spironolactone

    Thanks for answering. Do you think that without finasteride the results were not maintained over time?
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    Rolling The Way To A Rejuvenated Pate-success With Dermarolling After Dropping dutasteride, Estro And spironolactone

    Congratulations! Could you indicate what your current regimen is and if you use drmaroller or dermapen?
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    Very Impressive Dermarolling And Minxodil Results - From Tressless

    This case seems interesting to me because it could prove that the effects of the microneedle with minoxidil is not due to a greater absorption of minoxidil but to other factors, since if it were so, the hair would have grown on all sides in the same way
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    Why there will NEVER be a cure for baldness

    I don't think it's easy, in fact despite decades of studies and research on the subject, the only currently recognized drugs were found by chance.
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    Ru58841 effects on brain cognition and gaba receptors

    I haven't seen Ru work either. It has been in use for many years and there are hardly any photos and tangible evidence of real improvements.
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    Recommended regimen without Finasteride?

    Oral minoxidil worked very well for me, but even with a very low dose give me sides.
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    The Ban on the Cosmetic Anti-dandruff Agent Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) in the EU

    the European Commission officially issued the Regulation (EU) 2021/1902 Regulation Bulletin, which revised the list of prohibited ingredients in Annex II of the European Cosmetics Regulations. The anti-dandruff agent Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) was added due to its reproductive toxicity 1B of GHS...
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    Topical Finasteride - User Experiences

    It is impossible to have accumulation with such a low percentage. maybe the effects you notice are from when you take the oral drug or at a higher topical percentage. Keep in mind that for some people the side effects of finasteride take a long time to disappear and there are even times that...
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    Is topical finasteride as effective as oral?

    ok. when you took it orally at 0.25mg still had the same sides? Why are you going to change to a commercial lotion, if the homemade one has gone away it is also much cheaper and at least you know that you are really applying finasteride??? Thanks for the info
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    Where can I purchase spiranolactone cream? (Ideally with alfatradiol like S5 PLUS)

    I don't think topical spironolactone is more effective than topical finasteride, just look at the reviews of people who have used it, there are few reports that topical spironolactone actually works,
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    Update: My experience with PDRN + rolling

    Sorry but I thought so too, if you zoom in on the photo you can see it as a dust. Maybe it's the distorted image.