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    What Can I Do Now? dutasteride Not Working.

    but youre also taking dutasteride?
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    Advice Re: Dutasteride And Ongoing Thinning

    I will ask him that directly, but through our process he really wanted to monitor sides and if there would be any. 20+ years on finasteride no sides, but jumping to dutasteride he went over everything with me. He initially put me on 1 dutasteride per week for a month and wanted me to up to 2per after. I waited 4...
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    Advice Re: Dutasteride And Ongoing Thinning

    thats kind of where im at. I take 3duts a week/+ micro dosing finasteride the off days. slowly weaning off finasteride. I will ingest until wheels fall off and wont elevate intake or add anything else. My dr. wont do more that 4 days a week for dutasteride and even thats something he doesnt really want to do. 3 seems...
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    Advice Re: Dutasteride And Ongoing Thinning

    its funny. I dont or at least rarely read success stories with avodart.
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    Anyone Have Success On Low Dosage Of dutasteride?

    Was wondering outside of the Australian study have any members had success on lower dosage of dutasteride? 1-3 times a week. with or without finasteride VS. 5-7 days a week?
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    New Study: Long Term Dutasteride Is Associated With Metabolic Alterations

    20+ on finasteride. started losing effectivness 1+yrs ago. Starting incorporating dutasteride 1st 4 months - 1 .5Dut + 6 Fins - shed for 6 weeks no regrowth/or results still probably slowly lost 2nd 4 months - 2 .5 duts + 5 finasteride - no shed but no regrowth Last 2 months - 3 duts and starting to wean off finasteride. too...
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    Has Anyone Switched Back To finasteride After Using dutasteride?

    for me, when i added 1 dutasteride to 6fins, I had a gnarly shed right out of the gate that lasted 6 weeks to the day.
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    If You're Indecisivenes On Finasteride, Should You Just Start?

    i have been on finasteride 20+ years. recently added dutasteride. My wang works perfectly. had a healthy kid 10yrs ago. I still get easily "excited"
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    Do You Experience The Infamous Itch On Your Scalp?

    after 20+ yrs on finasteride never noticed itching even though loss what at a crawl. When I added 1dut to program I noticed an itch 2 days after i took. For the first 4 months I only started itching 2-3 days after taking dutasteride. never day after. Upped to 2 (4 months later) same cycle. never itched days...
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    What Do You Think Is The Cause Of Testicular Pain After Taking Finasteride? Please Help Me If You Ha

    what we cant do is blame every sympton on drug just because its a possible side effect. I have depression/bi polar in my family. So i have to believe because i get depressed etc its probably more to do with that than taking finasteride forever. In regards to PFSyndrome . I monitored a discussion forum...
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    I've Been On Avodart For 12 Years Now

    what is/was your routine? How many duts a week? did you lessen intake when you established it in your system? How long before you saw results.
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    Finasteride Daily + Dutasteride Once Per Week

    my derm had me replace 1fin for 1 dutasteride for 1st month. I did that for 4 months. After 4 months I did 2 duts. recently jumped to 3duts and now he wants me to wean off of finasteride all together.
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    What Do You Think Is The Cause Of Testicular Pain After Taking Finasteride? Please Help Me If You Ha

    i never had it but a friend said he did. It went away around 6 weeks. Hes fine has healthy kids etc.