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    finasteride - burning sensation all over scalp

    How did that work out for you?
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    finasteride - burning sensation all over scalp

    Still burning after 3 years?
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    Using Finasteride Whilst Trying To Conceive

    Just my Just my experience brotha
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    Using Finasteride Whilst Trying To Conceive

    I have been on finasteride for almost a decade and have a happy, healthy, normal 3 year old daughter
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    Allergen Seti Trial Results Have Been Posted

    What have you done that had killed your itchy scalp?
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    More Inflammation Pain When Your Hair Is Unwashed?

    Burns, tingles,aches, crawls. It makes this disease a real debilitating thing. I have trouble getting through shifts at work bc of it.
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    Need Advise On Lab Results After 11 Months On dutasteride

    have been on dutasteride for almost a year and had a blood test about a week ago. I am 37 and am a Norwood 3, am very active and in shape. My test and estrogens are as follows. Estrogens total 47 ph/ml (40-115) range, test level 265 pg/ml (264-916), test% free and weak 13.9% (9.0-46), and test...
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    Almost A Year On dutasteride. And Am Taking A Blood Test

    been on dutasteride for about 11 months and am taking a blood test tomorrow to check levels. What should I be looking for or asking them to check guys?
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    Still Have The Itch But Am Maintaining, Anyone Else?

    That’s been the trend but over the last few months I really haven’t shed much at all. Any hair I see is usually terminal and healthy. Both my gen prac and a scalp disorder specialist derm both say I don’t have male pattern baldness even though I’m a nw3