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    Goodbye For Now You Beautiful, Beautiful f*****g Bastards.

    Damn... and looks like he never came back, now his status says “Banned”. He was one of the “celebrities” here with such a colorful personality I always looked forward to reading his next rants and outbursts. I left for a long time because even the regimen that takes balls literally, failed for...
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    Shed 8 Months Into Minoxidil. Anything To Be Worried About?

    I also got a massive shed with minoxidil as a major component of an extreme regimen....transgender HRT with finasteride/dutasteride, spironolactone, estradiol hemihydrate (sublingual), and topical minoxidil. The shedding was soul-crushing. It’s been over two years since then and I’ve since then...
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    Exploring The Hormonal Route. Hair=life.

    HRT doesn't work for everyone. It failed to save my hair. I have to wear wigs now, forever. But I am glad I started HRT and transitioned. So far it has been the greatest adventure of my life, not all good, not all bad, but *intense*. It made me feel alive again. Looking back, I've had gender...
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    I'm bald as heck.... Wigs suck. But I got an awesome pair of bewbs now and a damn pretty smile!

    I'm bald as heck.... Wigs suck. But I got an awesome pair of bewbs now and a damn pretty smile!
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    Minoxidil 15%: Where Do You Guys Get It? Good/bad Experiences?

    Spironolactone causes accumulation of belly fat, and worse... visceral fat around your internal organs. Estradiol levels do affect your metabolism. If your free estradiol natural levels are in the mid-normal to high- normal range for a biological female, supplemental estradiol wouldn't likely do...
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    Minoxidil 15%: Where Do You Guys Get It? Good/bad Experiences?

    Bioidentical , micronized progesterone doesn't elevate the risks of blood clots... it's medroxyprogesterone ( a synthetic progestin) that does that, plus a whole lot of other bad stuff... basically poison. Doctors are way behind the times on this issue and only remember a flawed study from the...
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    Whatevr's Success Story - With Timeline

    Lower libido and erectile dysfunction, reversible. Grow boobs, not reversible without mastectomy surgery. Redistribution of body fat to give you feminine shaped hips, thighs and butt. Probably reversible with diet and exercise. Gives you emotional ups and downs like a woman. Reversible...
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    Whatevr's Success Story - With Timeline

    Stemoxydine works a little bit, but you have to use it in cycles, 3 months on / 3 months off. During the off months you may experience shedding of any new grown hairs kinda like stopping minoxidil, but not as badly. I'd have to say that the lions share of the regrowth I've experienced thus far...
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    Skin Seems Scaly Where I Have Been Applying Min? (almost 2 Years)

    That looks like the "aging skin" side effect many get from minoxidil. There's a whole thread dedicated to the topic here
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    Whatevr's Success Story - With Timeline

    I've been using Oestrogel every few days and it seems to help, but the best thing I've found that worked for me when I notice an increase in shed starting to happen, is to use some topical Progestelle oil for a couple days... that really has been slamming the brakes on my sheds. But then my...
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    The Frequent "official" Origin Of My Recent Failures With Women

    Let's see.... Boobs spaced a little wide for a cis girl, Large hands, Big nose, Brow / hooded eyes, Should've used a little more orange concealer and foundation to cover the upper lip shadow... All the signs are there :) I'd say overall she's pretty smokin hawt tho'
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    Bimatoprost. What Is Your Opinion? Experiences?

    Works fantastic on my eyelashes. Didn't do diddly squat on my temples/hairline. Generic Latisse, (Careprost brand)
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    Incredible recovery from NW5: the power of super aggressive regimens!

    Estradiol Hemihydrate mostly. I'm getting ready to get a prescription to start Estradiol Valerate intramuscular injections.