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    The cure is here already people are just greedy

    Transplants are the way to go, even if you have to go back 2 or 3 times. Just think of the quality of life difference when you're not using every pill and lotion you can and hoping for a miracle, and when you aren't a slave to these forums. 6000 grafts got me from approaching a NW5 to a full...
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    Diclofenac Now Available Over The Counter

    PSA: Looks like NSAID's can be dangerous if taken when you have coronavirus, including diclofenac, ibuprofen, aspirin
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    How To Make Money From The Corona Virus

    I've got a friend selling coronavirus merch. I couldn't do it, imagine your nan dying and you're wearing a shitty coronavirus meme t-shirt.
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    Why You Will Never Make Love To A Beautiful Woman

    Where are the f*****g mods in this place? This is in general hair loss discussion Fuckoff with this sh*t you defeatist f*****g loser
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    Im About To Have Sex With New Girlfriend But Cant Get Erection On Finasteride, What Pills Can I Take

    Well finasteride can absolutely do this but you can also exacerbate it yourself because when you're about to smash you're just thinking about finasteride and your dick not working and it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. So firstly take the pressure off yourself by thinking how you're going to react...
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    Your Dating Life Is Over If You're Bald

    I've found online dating works best when you just say weird mysterious sh*t but throw just enough normal conversation in there to show you're a normal safe person.
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    How Do I Tell Girlfriend That I Just Started Dating, That I Will Have To Use Minoxidil And Will Look

    No lol don't say anything If it gets noticeable or she points it out you can bring it up and say it's the early stages of a new treatment or whatever, but pass it off like it's no big deal
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    Your Dating Life Is Over If You're Bald

    Lol this guy thinks the top 20% of males are just walking around with harems hoarding all the women up. Dude the vast majority of people are monogamous all those women have to go somewhere, just work on being a better person, lift, make money, be funny, do things. This is just making excuses for...
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    Suffering From Severe Post Finasteride Syndrome- Help Please

    Bit of a difference between size D breasts and a few pea sized lumps
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    What Do You Wish You Did At The Start Of Your Hair Loss Journey?

    Leave finasteride the f*** alone, and just dermaroll with a PGD2 inhibitor.
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    Suffering From Severe Post Finasteride Syndrome- Help Please

    Lol I got gyno from 0.25mg of finasteride every 3 days and it only took a few months, that's like 1/12 the normal dose. Some people just do not respond well to treatment that messes with hormones. Pecs and low body fat with manboobs club. Also had ED issues which thankfully got better but...
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    Diclofenac Now Available Over The Counter

    I'm using cetirizine as I just need to maintain, people have been talking about it since 2012 but I think this approach is underrated. Westonci proved that the PGD2-PGE2 approach can work without anti-androgens, and cetirizine has science backing it up...
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    Cetirizine (or Indomethacine) With Oral Castor Oil Or Setipiprant

    Yes although maybe don't apply the day after rolling as you want an inflammatory response. The studies used it topically, I doubt oral does much without a very high dose in which case you'd probably just fall asleep
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    Getting A Gf While Nw2??? Possible ?

    5'7 isn't that short dude, still taller than most women. I know plenty of guys around that height who do well.