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    Can we use women's Lace Hair Systems?

    Yes, it's one way to thin it out a bit, can loosen the knots with something like Nair on the underside first so the whole lot comes out. I just used Walkers No Shine tape for attaching, same as normal with mens custom full cap.
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    Can we use women's Lace Hair Systems?

    This was all French lace full cap wig, slightly stretchy, so it fitted like a glove. Once cut in and thinned down, with a bit of product added, you'd never know the difference from a mens full cap.
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    Can we use women's Lace Hair Systems?

    I got it from Coolpiece when Jeffrey was selling a small quantity of stock womens human hair lace wigs a while back which were good quality and quite well priced. And delivered from China to Australia in 4 days of placing the order. Unfortunately, the Chinese supplier gave up due to Covid so...
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    Can we use women's Lace Hair Systems?

    You could cut one down to size using a new razor blade to cut the lace very carefully from the back so as not to hack into the hair. Use your existing topper as a template and draw around it with chalk or a non permanent marker. And yes, they are thicker, which is why you need to thin them...
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    Can we use women's Lace Hair Systems?

    Yes, I've done it with a full cap wig. Had to reshape the hairline and thin it down a bit. Also used my own sideburns as the wig didn't come with them. But it worked out ok and I still have it as a back up.
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    Experiences wearing a full-cap system?

    Well, I have worn 24/7 since 1982, with custom full cap wigs for last 16 years. They're great and easy to wear, no restrictions, I run, swim, do gym. I spend a lot of time in SEAsia (pre Covid) and never had a problem despite high humidity, typhoons, heat, etc. My wigs are all french lace 1B...
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    Where do you buy your hair systems from?

    In normal times NWL and sometimes Coolpiece for my full caps. Used to buy from Toplace when BA had it but it went downhill after. Have tried lots of other US vendors, and some direct from Chinese outlets, over the years with mixed results.
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    Hi, I'm new. Are you long-term users with hair systems happy you started this journey?

    Full cap stays on fine when sleeping, swimming, exercising even in hot humid conditions in SE Asia. All French lace with 3 inch Swiss front. Use Walkers wide no shine and ultra hold tapes. Remove, clean, re attach weekly, takes 10 -15 minutes. Been wearing wigs continuously 24/7 since 1982.
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    sew two part (used) lace system with invisible thread to make one good one - How can I do it?

    Easy, place one (the uppermost) lace base slightly on top of the other, use invisible thread with a needle and sew together by hand. I usually do two passes, the first go longer distance with the thread on the underside then come back through with the needle closer from the topside. When...
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    Who's a reliable supplier now these days? I've everything back - everything I've ordered recently has been a joke.

    I emailed Lavivid asking if they do lace full caps during more normal non covid times, and they didn't even bother to reply. Think I'll stick with NWL and Coolpiece when these things come back online again, at least their customer service is top notch.
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    Measuring the base dimensions on a full cap

    Yes, but a full cap is normally bigger than 10 x 8 and involves more measurements - mine are: circumference 24in, front to back 14in, ear to ear over forehead 12.5in, temple to temple 13.5in, ear to ear over top 12in, temple to temple around back 15in, nape width 6in.
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    How good are full cap hair systems? Especially for a surfer-boy look?

    JRob first moved to a full cap after discussing the pros and cons of them with me on BAs original TL forum. He then became a prominent advocate and promoter of them, developing his own range of hair care products, and linking up with HD.
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    How good are full cap hair systems? Especially for a surfer-boy look?

    Been wearing full caps for almost 20 years, before that a topper. All lace, no poly. Much easier with a full cap, no blending , no discolouration from bio hair, can easy cut in your own style if confident enough. No problems with nape, just use 1.5in Walkers No Shine tape. And you can add a much...
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    Is it a good idea to make your own hybrid piece? e.g. mono back, .03 poly front

    Not at all. Same hair from same supplier, same density, a same grey percentage. Just dye whole wig if needed. Joins are invisible and covered by overlapping hair anyway.