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    wig help...what are the best wigs out there

    The best hair replacement system for the more active among us would definitely be the monofilament ones. this is how mine is attached and involved no surgery. let me know if youd like to find out more id be happy to chat.
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    Alopecia test

    there is a perfect alternative that i finally found - took a long time thoguh!! i didnt want a surgical procedure, so i found non surgical hair replacement with monofilament wigs. Have you heard of Bloomsbury of london?
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    Alopecia test

    From personal experience, i would stay away from any hair loss drugs. i found that not only were they negatively impacting on my day to day life, but eventually becoming reliant on certain drugs caused further hair loss. i am much fonder of non surgical solutions and there are lots of...
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    who can help my son now 9 years old lost hair since 2.5

    Portia, Would you consider a non-surgical solution for your son?
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    hair transplants and alopecia

    I think I may have found a company that ethically sources hair. I need to research it more but they buy hair within the UK. Not sure if anyone else have heard of this,
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    Tight Braids & Trichotillomania

    Trichotillomania is the compulsion to pull the hair out, so it isn't caused by specific styles. Would you like to discuss the issue? Rick
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    Baldness making it hard to find work

    While I think that employers have no right to pass judgement beyond their knowledge, I have been a victim of what your son is going through. I was at the end of my tether and then looked into non-surgical hair replacement. This is different to a wig as it is fixed to the head, but not as drastic...
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    24/7 systems?

    I wear a non surgically applied hair system from which sounds alot like the one you are describing. I would be happy to discuss as I am delighted with the results.
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    Here's my story - Newbie

    I have a slightly different type of wig - mine is a non surgically applied hair system - I am so pleased with it and would love to discuss!
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    teen with alopecia univeralis

    Hi there, it is so good to see someone so positive. I noticed that you were interested in investing in a wig. i wear a human hair system that has been non surgically applied. it was the best decision that i ever made and i would recommend it to anyone! if you want some more info, dont hesitate...
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    hair transplants and alopecia

    i think this is the problem. people become fixated on the drug very early on in life and dependency does result in further loss.
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    hair transplants and alopecia

    sometimes medicines cause further hair loss!
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    Whitecliffs (Australia) experience and thoughts

    i think thats him! i clicked on wigs and got through to my companies website - graham was so nice over the phone and i am looking forward to my consultation. did you use his business?
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    Whitecliffs (Australia) experience and thoughts

    yes as far as im aware it is... do you know of him?