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    Don’t Know What To Do Anymore... Wtf

    It is VERY rare for a male to lose hair, especially in the temples, for any reason other than male pattern baldness.
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    Don’t Know What To Do Anymore... Wtf

    AA does not resolve itself on it's own. You will probably want to start treatments if you are noticing recession despite what a derm says.
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    Am I Balding? I Am A 19 Year Old Male And Dont Know What To Do

    It looks like there is recession. You can see the very early stages of the temples coming in. If you do not have thinning on top and do not notice overall decrease of volume, I would say to keep and eye on it and take pics every month.
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    Losing Progress While On Dutasteride

    You guys have to be aware that sometimes hair feels less full than other days. It would be EXTREMELY unlikely to still miniatrize while taking Duasteride. Qill you still shed? Yes. Will your hair at times feel less full? Yes. Topical Minoxidil is usually a nice compliment to DHT...
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    I Think finasteride Is Feminizing My Body, Is It All In My Head?!

    I did not notice any feminization even taking 2.5mg/day sometimes. However, I definitely initially had an increase in facial oil and more propensity to get body pimples (not acne). I believe the body probably upregulates 5AR1 to some degree when 5AR2 has been inhibited which would explain...
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    Am I Losing My Hair In My Mid Teens?

    OP there is a difference between losing your hair and receding. It is natural for hair to change when you go through puberty and that is all that it looks to be doing. You have no top thinning and your hair line and temples are not actually thinning. There is nothing you need to do.
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    20 Years Old. Gradual Frontal Thinning.

    You may be in the very very early stages of hair loss. The only thing that you can do if you do not want to take Finasteride (understandable at this stage) is Minoxidil. I use Lipogaine and like it as it has some androgen blockers in it as well. Be aware of an initial shed when you begin.
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    Besides Nizoral, I Still Don't Know A Shampoo I Should Be Using. Can You Tell Me Your Shampoo Name?

    To be honest shampoos are probably the least important. Anything that is antiinflammatory is going to be helpful--Nizoral, other dandruff shampoos, tea tree oil based shampoos, etc.
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    Nw2 Receiding Hairline, Minoxidil Worth It??

    Minoxidil can help with the front however the front, especially the temples, are a bit harder to combat with just Minoxidil. I have used various brands, including the foam. My favorite has been Lipogaine, however it is more expensive, as it also contains beneficial hair loss ingredients in...
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    Finasteride Or Patience, 23 Going On 24

    Do not rely on patience. Finasteride does not speed up hair loss as one commenter said it could.
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    If Dht Level Is Already Low Will More finasteride Or Dutasteride Make Any Difference?

    Unfortunately serum dht has very little to do with hair loss. It is the localized conversion INSIDE the hair follicle sheath that cause gradual shrinkage and shorter growth cycles of the hair. Finasteride inhibits 5AR2 which is located in many tissues incl the hair follicle sheath.
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    Should I Start Worrying/looking For Treatment? (pics)

    The front does have recession. The sparseness all the way at the front where a full amount of hair was usually signals hair loss. Though the temples seem fine so you may not lose your hair to the point of it being extremely bad.
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    Do I Have Hair Loss? Confused :( 16 Years Old

    I do not think you have hairloss though your top is perhaps less full. This does not mean it will progress to anything, especially since your hairline is totally fine. You can still apply topical Minoxidil to reset hair growth and make it fuller. You can also get a caffeine shampoo and use...