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    Minoxidil as solo treatment long term users?

    Hello, I’m considering dropping the Ru58841 due to sides. Do you think minoxidil as solo treatment would give me maintenance for years to come?
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    Considering to quit Ru58841 and go solo with oral minoxidil

    Do you think it should give me maintenance?
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    Should allopregnanolone help with Ru58841 fatigue and brain fog?

    Even armodafinil can’t keep me awake anymore.. do you think allopreg should work with the fatigue feeling i get from Ru58841? Or any advice on other treatment (not finasteride, have tried).
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    Ru58841 effects on brain cognition and gaba receptors

    It works. But the brain fog i feel with it it’s unbelievable, even with low dose. I’m hoping my Doctor will give me trt to run alongside the ru, maybe it will help.
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    Pyrilutamide/ or new decent treatment users out there?

    Hello, I’m looking for an alternative to Ru58841.What’s your thoughts about pyrilutamide? I don’t know what’s the prices and results, i just came across this on other forum which didn’t provide enough information. Would be glad to know about a group buy of this stuff here as well.
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    Trying to deal with Ru58841 brain fog and fatigue

    Hello. I’m using Chemyo’s ru58841 40 mg per day (no dermaroller). I’m experiencing fatigue and brain fog from it, i’ve done blood tests and my testosterone is little bit above norm, everything else completely normal as well. Some questions: 1. Does Ru58841 effects cognition/ brain in general? 2...
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    Ru58841 effects on brain cognition and gaba receptors

    Hello, I’m experiencing brain fog and overall fatigue on Ru58841 from chemyo and anagen, my blood test came fine. I’ve read on other forum that Ru58841 might have a bad impact on cognition and gaba receptors. I know I’m digging too dip here. But does anyone know which medical examination can i do?
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    BOB (china seller) Ru58841 users gather around

    I’m using his powder for two weeks straight after recommendations of few members here, and I still don’t know if he is legit. His powder got no smell, my hair is a bit more thin then chemyo and anagen Ru. Anyone got experience with this guy?
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    Bicalutamide vs Ru58841 as topical anti androgen.

    Thanks man. So Ru is our best choice in terms of maintenance and minimal sides, right?
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    Bicalutamide vs Ru58841 as topical anti androgen.

    Which one should be more effective as topical? Any Bica users who can drop their experience? Thanks.
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    Ru58841 from different vendor- less sides?

    I’m posting a lot lately, but i need to know- It would be worthless to try other legit vendor if anagen Ru give me sides? I mean, there’s a chance that chemyo Ru would give me less sides? Pretty urgent, I’m kind of stopped Ru58841 due to the sides and I’m losing hair.