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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    It's not the iron, it's the red blood cell count. But don't mind me, i am just passing through.
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    Dude, you're crazy. My brother once had a heart rate of 120 sitting at the dinner table and claimed he was like a hummingbird, and now he has heart failure. You claim having a very low red blood cell count is OK as is taking iron IV's (I was near death when it happened to me). You will learn the...
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    Did you ever get a reason why your red blood cell count is so low and you had to take iron IV's? Low red blood cell count is probably why you have hair loss, not enough oxygen to your scalp. It can also be a matter of life or death. BTW if you think every doctor is competent you have a lot to...
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    10 Months In: Strange Hair Texture?

    That's normal in the beginning but it should go away soon.
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    You can do a test for blood in your stool that comes as a kit you prepare at home. I would do that and see what it says. A scope does not go into the entire system, but is a visual check of large intestine and stomach only. You need a colonoscopy to check large intestine. The stool test will say...
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    If you have a very low red blood cell count and you have been getting iron IV's (which I have also gotten in the past) then you have a serious condition to investigate. You could die in a year from whatever is causing it, I know because I almost died myself. Unless you have been checked...
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    Feel Suicidal Because Can't Take Finasteride Due To Sides

    It depends on what sides you are getting. Sides are a sign that the drug is working. Microdose for a month and let it stabilize.
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    A very low red blood cell count probably means recent internal bleeding, since your iron levels are normal. Your body has enough iron to replace what you're losing, so you need to have a doctor find the source of bleeding. You can look up that a low red blood cell count can also cause hair loss...
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    Should A Person Witnessing Hairloss Start With Topical Or Oral Finasteride?

    Start with a very low dose of oral finasteride, and after a few weeks bump it up a little and then a few weeks later bump it up some more until you take a normal dose. If you are asking which is more effective, then the oral dose at full strength is the best. Don't be surprised to have side...
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    What Is The Average Hairs Per Graft?

    It depends on where they place the grafts. You want ones in the front and hairline, then they use the two and threes farther back.
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    Vertex Dhi Transplant Now Or Wait ?

    Minoxidil is a heart medication, so no wonder you had problems on it. Finasteride has no effect on the heart, if you want to keep your hair you should give it a try.
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    How Many Graphs Do You Think I Would Currently Need?

    Hi, you have to be careful with dense packing because of necrosis, I don't want to scare you but look up photos of necrosis with hair transplants and you will see why it is a concern. You want to pay for the best hairline specialist hair transplant doctor to do such a procedure to lessen any chance of such...
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    Your hair still looks great relative to many others. and I would tell you what drug you need to take to keep all that but you won't do it, so I'll save my breath. In three more years you will figure it out, after it is too late.
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    Going Bald In Less Than A Year, Need Advice

    2 months on finasteride isn't long enough to know anything about how it affects your hair, other than the weak hairs will drop off and you will think it isn't working. It takes 6 months to notice anything since hair grows back slowly, and a year to really tell the difference. Absolutely no one...