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    Minoxidil side effect - collagen synthesis reduction?

    Fat cells can expand and shrink (about 50x the volume), but once fat tissue is destroyed it doesn't grow back.
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    Minoxidil and pre-mature face Aging?

    How is your skin now? I'm also thinking about PRP. But I'm reading it could cause hyperpigmentation which holds me back to do it.
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    Minoxidil side effect - collagen synthesis reduction?

    Did your skin ever recover back to normal?
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    Minoxidil side effects (wrinkles, dark circles) and alternative

    Did your face recover? Returned to normal color, saggy skin reversed?
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    Sunken Cheeks?

    Did it recover? Did you stop using Rogaine?
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    Minoxidil ruined my skin (loose skin)

    Dermarolling is the safer option compared to laser/ultrasound/plasma. Some people say their skin drastically improved others other say it caused sagging, thin skin and discolorations/pigmentation issues. Focused healing meditation might also help. (sounds new age but just putting it out there).
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    Minoxidil ruined my skin (loose skin)

    That too is controversial. Some say it destroys elastin in the skin. And yes it increases collagen but there is more than one type of collagen (for examples scars are mostly collagen) and the pathway of collagen production that minoxidil affects is different. There's red light therapy (but...
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    Minoxidil ruined my skin (loose skin)

    I don't know if HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is that good. Ultrasound could destroy fat tissue. If you use it in the cheek area it could potentially cause fat loss in the cheek thus aggravate loose skin appearance. Same for laser, laser could also destroy fat tissue.
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    Minoxidil ruined my skin (loose skin)

    How long did you use it? I have the same problem. How long now after you stopped applying it?