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    Redness Scalp From Topical Tretinoin

    Redness scalp from topical tretinoin, been using maxogen x. My scalp been red lately without it going away at first I thought it was the minoxidil but now I thinking I probably is the tretinoin. Anyone on topical tretinoin that have had the same experience??
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    Approaching Random Girls While Wearing A Cap/hat?

    I never used to wear a cap before, but last 7 years been wearing more or less always when outside. I guess the thing would be like if you approach the girls lets go for coffee then you remove your cap.
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    2 Year Hair Update, 10 Months Of Growth.

    as i mentioned in another post that this forum is 90% of this kind of posts.
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    Approaching Random Girls While Wearing A Cap/hat?

    Approaching random girls while wearing a cap/hat is it fair game or just ridiculous. like if you make an eye contact with a random girl somewhere and wanna approach her? Or either recover your hair or get the f*ck over it.? from someone with low confidence and anxiety.
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    Are There 2 Types Of Male Pattern Baldness?

    there are those that are bald at 18 year old. genetic is the reason and no drug would help them. then there are those who start loosing hair through out their 20s to 30s.. cause dht and inflammation and other factors.
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    Rocking The Buzz / Bald Look. Opinions

    This is how standard male looks like in eastern europe lol
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    Struggling To Accept It's Over For Me?

    Iam 6 year older and in my teenage a and 20is i suffered from bad acne.NOw thats is okay after intensive treatments. Later hairloss. Becoming destructiveness ia easy. now trying to work towards solutions
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    Natural Alternative To Minoxidil - Seven Words Thing

    I bought liquid nano curcumin, egcg, dihydroquercetin, oleanolic acid, azelaic acid powder and mixed into ethanol to 5% solution. but i started with combination with topical min finasteride solution, will let you know results in 6 months
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    6 Months Results : Crown And Diffuse Thinning Huge Improvement

    I bought oleanolic acid, azelaic, dihydroquercetin, egcg (epigallochatecins) powder and mixed with ethanol. microneedling and i am not using with the maxogen x.. have infrared ligtht device aswell. Will need to wait 6 months though for results..
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    Why You Will Never Make Love To A Beautiful Woman

    I agree with post above. But people are angry about this post?? Not about the fact that 90% of people writing on this forum has a full set of hairs. I mean how is this helpful?
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    Do You Regret Not Starting Finasteride Earlier?

    When did topical minoxidil with finasteride come out?? If i started that regime with dermastamp, lllt and supplements i could have reverse major hair loss, been in university stressed out, between jobs and some addiction now nw4..
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    Why You Will Never Make Love To A Beautiful Woman

    I learned that females are just as shallow as men. And an attractive guy or woman has it much easier do to people tend to be kind and friendly and much more helpful when you are attractive. Nothing new here. I have notice that a girl might have an even more attractive boyfriend if she has an...
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    Does Baldness Gives You Despair, Anxiety,temper Trantrums?

    I think the real despair will come when in nw4. But try everything to regrow hair back. I struggle with acne scars which its now okay, after it hair loss so it was double problem double despair for me. But on the way to recovery
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    Minoxidilmax Which Of Them To Use Is There Any Difference?

    Can one combine the maxogen and dualgen 15?
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    Minoxidilmax Which Of Them To Use Is There Any Difference?

    Is there a big difference between retinol and retinoic acid in this case?