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    What are the most realistic hopes for the near future?

    Realistic? Basically what OP said A topical antiandrogen (CB or Kintor stuff) and Follica (minoxidil plus refined wounding tech) Maybe a growth stim, but i am not so sure about that.
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    520 needle is the one I use, long hair is a problem indeed

    520 needle is the one I use, long hair is a problem indeed
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    hey dude, i wasnt really checking mps, sorry

    hey dude, i wasnt really checking mps, sorry
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    "Mice receiving OLX104C showed substantial hair regrowth compared to the control group, and results showed that a single dose could inhibit the expression of the target gene for more than three weeks." Nice, lets hope this replicates in humans.
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    Kintor new AR degrader w/o side effects

    Very comforting to see drug companies like Kintor so interested in Androgenetic Alopecia therapies, looking for different angles to attack the androgen receptor. Besides you can see that they are well financed and they are not improvised. And if we add to that that they are going at an unprecedented speed in the...
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    Dont pay attention to this norwood11 guy. He is the typical propeciahelp shitposter, he even said avodart blocks testosterone once. That kinda say it all.
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    Follica News Positive Topline Results

    Lithium Gluconate was a failure. They thought it could enhace wnt activity but it didnt work in trials. Follica even got better results with derma abrasion alone.
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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    Amazing news Tsuji developing dissagregated DP cell therapy treatment. Its really logical that those companies pursuing follicle engineering will have a very solid protocol for culturing DP cells alone. Maybe thats why Shiseido is so quiet?
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    Follica (first Time Ever Picture) - Exciting

    Many thanks, man! Really awesome stuff
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    Follica (first Time Ever Picture) - Exciting

    Agree with the combover thing but you are forgetting the thickening of existing hair, which can explain those "new" long ones you are talking about. And we always knew the first iteration of Follica was most targeted to the lower NWs.
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    Follica Pivotal Study And Fda Filing In 2020

    4- 5 dermarolling or stamp sessions a month. Been using antiandrogens since 2008. First finasteride now dutasteride, also used minoxidil well before dermarolling for almost 2 years without results. Its the combination of wounding and minoxidil doing the trick, still growing new hair at the temples and frontal areas...
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    Tissuse And J. Hewitt: Smart Hair Transplant Trial In 2019! The colaboration agreement between TissUse and J. Hewitt exists and it is recent news. Idk about the FT guy credibility though. The general feeling is that most "hair cloning companies" are in late preclinical and trying to push their stuff into...
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    Tissuse And J. Hewitt: Smart Hair Transplant Trial In 2019!

    The idiot of nameless is back... My god, what a day to be alive
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    Once And For All; Can Dutasteride Make The Front Worse?

    Today I am in the Norwood 1.5 range but with some low density areas, especially in the hairline which was the most affected area. When I started avodart in 2013 it was already a Norwood 2.5 diffuse. But in my case, like most, finasteride and dutasteride kept what I had. Recovery is entirely due to Dermarolling and...
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    Cassiopea Announces Fda Submission Of Nda For Clascoterone Cream 1% (winlevi)

    Research data, yes. Clinical data, well... not so much unfortunately. It was intensively tested on macaques with good results though, a more reliable model than mice. But if compared to Breezula, IDK if RU affinity to the AR is strong enough to make a difference .