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    My Experience Dr Emrah Cinik, 2700 Grafts Fue.

    Rahal is mostly known for his FUT capabilities. If you're rolling with 2.5k grafts which is relatively mild, you'd be better off just sticking to FUE and avoiding the linear scar. As people here point out, Koray Erdogan is loved and gives consistent results for 2.5 Eur which is expensive for...
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    To Those Who Say "why Don't You Just Shave It Bro?"

    That collage is physically painful to watch
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    Another New Hairloss Treatement For Mice Found

    As someone who occasionally works within test labs, it's not always so fun for them. We also give them HIV and every other infection you can possibly think of lmao. But yeah, hoping we can get some more sh*t moving for humans
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    To Those Who Say "why Don't You Just Shave It Bro?"

    "Just shave it bro, b urself :^)" ~Abercrombie & Fitch model
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    Do I Have Male Pattern Baldness? Please Help

    It all depends on whether or not you're actually balding and carry strong DHT sensitivity genes. Some roids will wreck your hairline, while others will be a bit more tame. Finasteride can mitigate pure test (cypionate or enanthate) but to my understanding, Dianabol and trenbolone will absolutely...
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    I Think A Lot Of Finnasteride Side Effects Are All Mental

    The best places to look, are placebo controlled experiments. You have a quite low chance of experiencing sexual side effects on this drug. This is irrelevant to myself when I consider that these same studies report a full return to sexual...
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    Fue 2987 Grafts Done By Dr.erdogan Demirsoy (hairline)

    This looks incredible man. The hairline looks natural and you'll maximize your gains as you close in on the 12 month mark. I hope to be able to repeat a procedure like you went through soon.
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    Eye Cream To Remove Dark Circles / Bags

    Fellow insomniac checking in (probably half the reason for my hairloss). Is your skin pale? Try eating a lot of carrots to give your overall skin some toning and glow which will naturally take some of the intensity off your emperor palpatine eyes, worked for me. I'd advise against sunlight...
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    Fue 2987 Grafts Done By Dr.erdogan Demirsoy (hairline)

    Oh damn you're WAY north! No just part of a general Europe trip, gonna head to Austria, Prague and Hungary after that (might try and squeeze a few days in the Baltics too). Yes I'm a miscer as well, some of the best laughs ever from those phaggots.
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    Fue 2987 Grafts Done By Dr.erdogan Demirsoy (hairline)

    Got you bro. Already looking like a mature hairline and you still have a few months too thicken up. If you lower the hairline a bit and reinforce the last transplant with a new one it'll look GOAT. Which part of Norway you in? I might pass through Oslo pretty soon. Keep the updates coming I'll...
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    Fue 2987 Grafts Done By Dr.erdogan Demirsoy (hairline)

    Those damn Scandinavian hair genetics, I swear you rarely see anyone over 30 there with thick hair... But holy sh*t Norwaybro looking solid so far, one more session to dense pack those and I'd say you're pretty much set. I'm a Norwood 2 looking to fill in my corners but can't for the life of me pick...
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    Proof I Am Nw2.5 And Not Nw2 ( With Before And After )

    Forelock looking THICC... You can fill those temples in with a relatively inexpensive hair transplant
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    This Is A Goodbye For Now. Thanks For All

    In the short while I've been here I can already snipe hairloss in people that virtually no one else would be able to lmfao, I used to not even notice Norwood 3's on people... So I guess not everyone can hack that new perception of the world. Anyways, good luck on your journey dude, I'm personally...
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    A Legit Fairy Tale Princess Married To A(what People In Here Call)nw6 Subhuman.

    You do understand there is a middle-ground between LOOKISM and early 2000's pickup artist theory right? You can improve the skill of seducing women while also acknowledging that there are random factors that are out of your power.