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    A Doctor's Reccomendation

    Get a new doctor.
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    Avodart vs. Finesteride

    I switched trom 0,5mg/d Avodart to 1,25mg/d Finasteride about 3 months ago. I didn't experience any negative changes so far , only thing that changed is that I shed less hairs on finasteride . This has started after about 1 month after the switch . I went from like 100 to 60 each day. I hope that...
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    Being treated like I am crazy

    Wow this is like the worst case of crown-dysmorphia i have seen around here ... most kids show more scalp than that , also considering the dark hair and flash . How in the world did you get the idea you were thinning? Just took some pics out of boredom and looked for any amount of scalp ? Also...
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    Being short is worse than going bald for me

    Alot of people are like that , because they want to feel better about themselves or some other flaws they have. Haven't we all experienced those people with a full head of hair who tell you that it's not that bad and women don't care about hair? Flaws in this case : short hobbit with a...
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    Thai HM on market? (not sure though)

    :woot: :gay: :shock: :hump: Wow ! Just take some fat from your waist , put it in a centrifuge + put some fish in it and inject into scalp! New hair ! Why haven't we done this sooner ? Brb , going to throw away minoxidil ...
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    Embarassment buying propecia...

    I'd disagree here. When I did an internship at a pharmacy I pretty much knew what every drug available there was used for after a couple weeks would be incredibly clueless not to , because There aren't actually that many different kind of meds that people buy , and finasteride is one of the...
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    Just for a laugh - Douchebags with great hair

    Hmm...his hair does look different than it used to.
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    Should I Get On finasteride Or Not? Question Of My Life..

    Hard to tell from these pics - different angle/lightning/hairstyle plus you can't see the central swirl in the before pic. The top/crown usually thins very slowly over time and not so much in only a few months (april-september). How's the hairline ? Personally I think it could be early...
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    POLL: Has Dutasteride Worked For You?

    Yes working for me with no sides.
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    Head shape to pull off a completely bald head?

    SO if you're shaving head you're not even allowed to have a beard anymore because you're compensating ? ...and buffing up is not compensating? Damn you guys are nuts , have fun walking around like a buffed up penis.I mean the thread starter looks way better than for example the bald/shaven...
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    Avodart Success after only 4 months and how I did it.

    I know the german hairloss forum you're refering to , and there are only like 3-5 dutasteride users in total , with you beeing one of them and they love to sh*t all over dutasteride because they didn't have success ..... Well that certainly didn't stop me from using dutasteride and i'm glad I didn't let those few fear...
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    Dutasteride Success thread

    how many years you were on dutasteride -I am at my one year mark progress (includes maintaining), The crown did maintain during this time , with some improvement. Not really sure about the progress because I didn't take good enough pics :( Both pics were taken with the same cam and same flash , but...
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    READ READ READ.. Very Interesting POV

    Why are you stopping the drug if you have success and are convicned it doesn't do harm? I'd be interested how it turns out for you , considering you've only been taking it for short period of time. Personally I don't have a clue what such a small dose would do , but the long history of accutane...
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    I hate these threads but Dennis Leary

    Great hair? Looks like crown thinning to me , though the hairline does look good for someone with a thinning crown.
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    Thanks , for now i'm going to decide on spironolactone for best topical anti androgen - simply because it's the only one which can be aquired easily or even made yourself. (and doesn't get absorbed much unlike flutamide , finasteride , dutasteride , etc..). As for internal I've voted for dutasteride simply because it's the...