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    why does hair loss only happen in white males?

    if you gio around the world you realize balding only happens in white men. if you go to asia or a black country you see everyone young has thick full heads of hair or dreads or whatever. but if i go to my all white area it looks like 80% of men are balding with obvious hair loss. it's gotten so...
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    am i f*cked? side effects from finasteride?

    i started taking finasteride about 2 months ago. i started off with 1.25 mg EOD (i sucked at cutting the pills so it was about 1-2 mg) then i cut down to .625 MWF. i started to notice a pain and slight tenderness around the left side of my chest and sometimes a small pricking sensation. i've kept an...
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    did anyone else here give up on life because of balding?

    i used to go the gym 4x a week, have a job, finished school, was taking classes at college, had friends, beautiful girlfriends, etc. then one day i got a haircut and it was all over and my hairline was going to sh*t. i was too stupid to hop on meds right away so my hairline got even worse and...
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    where do you guys get your nizoral/ket shampoo from?

    i hear only 2% works is 1% helpful if i just have a mild case of seb derm? i don't really notice flakes or anything. is there any unscented shampoos? i prefer to not put whatever crap they put in those shampoos in my hair i've been using an organic shampoo for the past couple years. what do you...
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    do you think seb derm is connected with hair loss?

    does ket shampoo actually do anything then? is 1% helpful?
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    Cumming feels so less good when on finasteride

    90% of people who get finasteride side effects happen to be the same people who sit online all day reading about it.
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    How are these transformations even possible?

    the best results from transplants come from people with really thick hair in the back. they have a better donor area and if you have a good doctor they will be able to transplant it without killing the hairs or causing shock loss. if you have really thick hair and start going bald then you will...
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    do you think seb derm is connected with hair loss?

    i looked into seb derm today and was blown away when i heard it only effects 10% of people. i remember when i went to the doctor and asked about finasteride he looked at my scalp and told me i had seb derm and gave me prescription shampoo. i usually don't have anything medically wrong with me i always...
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    why do some people with a receding hairline keep the same hairline for 30 years?

    i've seen a lot of people who started losing hair in their 20s but 20-30 years later their hair looks exactly the same and still really thick. i'm not even talking "mature" hairline but actual Norwood 2-3 receding temples i was a dumb *** thinking that would be me. i thought real hair loss wouldn't...
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    How can I add caffiene to my shampoo?

    maybe just crush up caffeine pills and throw them in there? they're pretty cheap maybe find a caffeine extract or something idk
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    how long does finasteride work for in the long term?

    yeah i'll look into it i may take 2-2.5mg before trying dutasteride depending on how my hair goes.
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    Do I start dutasteride?

    just take finasteride regularly and don't think about it. it's literally impossible to LOSE more hair by reducing DHT. if your hair is really fucked you might want to try dutasteride if you don't see results soon.
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    scalp still itching/burning/stinging while on finasteride

    isn't finasteride supposed to almost completely stop hair loss? i've been taking i still get the itching and burning sensation on the top of my head and around my hairline. always figured finasteride would stop this feeling or at least make it a lot less. will it go away after awhile?
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    how long does finasteride work for in the long term?

    wouldn't it be better to just do 1.25mg since it doesn't seem to do much past that? might make more sense to take 1mg in 12 hour intervals to make sure it's always fresh in your system