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    To Buy Dutasteride From Spain - Myth Or Reality ?

    Tried this myself last week while being in Barcelona and some cities around it. Walked in 3 different pharmacies and asked for "Avidart" and yes - no questions asked, 30 caps for EUR 20.11 in each pharmacy. I wanted to buy 3 boxes in the first one but each pharmacy only had 1 box available...
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    Wrathofkala Hair Battle Tracker! First Update!

    how is the gyno thing nowadays? did the diet help?
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    10 Months and I Call it Success!

    i remember seeing your photos before. MAN!! that is great success there. awesome, congratz!!
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    Wrathofkala Hair Battle Tracker! First Update!

    Hey mate. Hope it goes well and you'll see regrowth soon. I support your thought on .25, I was on it for 4 months and now I upped my dose to .33 just to see if things go better. I must say that my hair really feels better now. Better any dose of finasteride that none, that's what I think. I will also...
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    BackInTime's Story

    Wow, looks great mate. Congratulations. :)
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    22 year old. diffuse thinning. opinions appreciated!

    he only asked for serious opinions, okay? anyway bro, your hair looks good to me, keep watching it by taking photos like every 3 months if something changes for the worse, jump on finasteride. you know you hair the best so you are the best one to judge. you can of course take action by choosing the...
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    seborrheic dermatitis - hair loss

    as from what i've heard seb dermatitis and male pattern baldness go hand in hand together. men usually have seb derm and then suffer from hairloss due to DHT. as for myself I still have a little seb derm but i'm treating it with nizoral, tea tree shampoo and T/Gel with salicylic acid and PTO. My dermatologist...
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    hair stronger after 5 months finpecia

    yea i know. i just thought that maybe he's taking less than 1mg.
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    hair stronger after 5 months finpecia

    Hello man! Nice to hear about the progress. I hope you'll see some regrowth and I wish you the best. Could you please tell me, how much of finasteride do you take daily?
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    Success!! 2 years on Finpecia

    Yeah it's just that the genuine propecia is like 80$ while finpecia is like $20 for the exact same dosage and pills. weird. if i will go through a financial problem, i might try to order from the page you told me about (plus they ship to my country, Czech Republic) not many online pharmacies do...
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    Success!! 2 years on Finpecia

    I got a prescription from my dermatologist for 1mg of Propecia which i'm starting to take in a couple of days. I still have a good head of hair but you know, there's thinning in there so I hope I will get it filled up while on propecia. Still worrying a little about the shed so I hope it wont...
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    Success!! 2 years on Finpecia

    Nice progress mate! congratulations. Just a few questions, how much of finasteride are you taking daily and did you go through a noticeable shed in the first couple of months on finasteride? :) Thanks and good luck!
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    23 year old with (still) decent good hair: War begins. Help from experienced people?

    maybe it would be good for us to see your hair first. as for myself i've been suffering from hair falling out (still a decent head of hair) for 2 years and i just went to a few dermatologists and all they said was (yeah your hair is good, maybe you should just use minoxidil 2%) which i did for a...