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    About To Order Either Alcohol Or Walker's Lace Release For New All-lace Piece. Which Should I Get?

    I always use 90% isopropyl alcohol it works great, though it's hard to get now
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    Wind Vs Hat -- Which Ruins The Hairstyle More?

    I go to the windy beach a lot during the summer, I wear a light colored bandana over my system, I don’t wrap it tightly so air can blow through it, to me it stays cooler that way then baking in the sun. The tape would be melted and my scalp would breakout. Also in a few hours the hair color...
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    Affordable Places To Get A System In The New York/new Jersey Area

    I am looking myself - a good system will last 5-7 months take that into account when you consider the cost !
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    Does Any Sunlight At All Get Through A Lace System?

    Both I would guess, but the bandana does not cut down on heat as much as it does sunlight
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    Does Any Sunlight At All Get Through A Lace System?

    Yes, I always wear a bandana on the beach for this reason, sun is VERY hard on tape and adhesives !!
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    How Is Your Scalp? Seven Words Words

    My skin gets irritated by the tape too, use skin prep on the area, the more often you clean and change the tape, the less reaction you will get
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    Wow, One Of My All Time Favorite Actors,

    This is why I always brush my front hair slightly over the front of the system
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    Learning To Do My Own Hair - Help In Nyc Area

    Hello, Thank you all for reading !! I am a Hairclub member who has been forced to learn how to do my own hair for almost the last 2 months. I left the old tape on for 5 weeks but it just got to itchy and I had to remove the system. I put it back on with some old strips I has and it was...
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    Best Leave-in Conditioner? Preferably With Built-in Spf.

    It doesn't have any sun screen but I love Aussie Hair Insurance leaves my current system very silky, tangle free and soft.
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    Hair System Salons - Located In New York

    Hi Steve can you PM me as well. Also what is the cost? Are you required to bring your own systems? Thanks so much!!