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    Celebrity Hair Transplants. Even Celebrities Dont Like To Lose Their Hair

    I wish William and Harry did something about their hairs. What a waste of all those fortune.
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    what is the Youngest nw6-7 you've ever seen?

    nw7 i think early 20s. poor kid
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    Jason Statham with hair photoshopped

    talking about hairline, only a dermatologist can give an accurate assessment. by examining ones hair.
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    Jason Statham with hair photoshopped

    Look strange Either wrong color Or wrong style
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    Finastried - Does it make us moody?

    Hi. Mood swings? I mean like temper. Like steroids? :p
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    Taking the plunge. Advice appreciated - Oral minoxidil

    Really brave. I am on finasteride and reduce the dosage to 3 mg a week instead of daily 1mg. Too many mg worries me. Also on minoxidil foam. Took both for years. But frontal still thinning. Should I change to oral minoxidil?
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    Hair Dr products - Anyone using it? Any good?

    Hi. As topic. They have three products.
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    Minoxidil - Once a week is sufficient?

    Hi. I am using Rogaine Foam by the way. We all know the shedding phase correct? And we applied minoxidil once a day. It has been a year and the worse is over. We passed the shedding phase and new hair growth has stabilized. My question is... Can we apply it once a week? I heard hair...
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    Vitamins For Hair - Why do people bother?

    Vitamins have chemicals. You know, the expiry thing. Just follow a proper diet. Veggies, protein etc. Organic ones. Get your vitamins from there.
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    Feel depressed after going to a bar last night..

    I am not trying defend him etc. But he did say... So when he said this... It's the 'SEVERE social anxiety' made him say that(?)
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    Finapecia? Finaintas? Or any other brands?

    My current supply of FP has 10 tablets left. So hoping for you guys to help me decide quickly ;)
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    Finapecia? Finaintas? Or any other brands?

    Hi. Doctor said that the thinning area can be full again just by taking finastride (finasteride) But there are many brands out there :rolleyes: And it's confusing sometimes because some say finasteride for hairloss are differ compared to finasteride for prostate cancer. My doctor/nurses at the hair clinic...
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    My Transplant Procedure With Dr. Demirsoy 2985 Grafts Armamed

    Hi. Sad for the injury. Did your doctor told you that you lost some graft? By the looks of it, it's not the hair transplant area that was injured.
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    10 Days From My hair transplant And New Fu Look Like Black Head!

    Hi. I think those are scabs. Normal. Go on YT and understand more about hair tranplant. Worse part yet to come; the shedding.