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    Is This Alopecia Areata?? Had Telogen Effluvium

    Did you do blood test results to check if the vitamin and mineral levels are okay ? Vitamin D is often linked to Alopecia Areata patients. How is your diet ? what do you eat during the day and what have you recently started eating / doing ?
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    My Alopecia Areata Story And Treatment Success

    Update: Photo taken on 3rd January 2018 Hair growth can be seen in the bald spots. Some of the hair have gone black and some are still too small to be seen by a phone camera. My beard is filling with black hair as well, which previously had soft whitish hair. My test results showed I have...
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    Help With My Hair Loss Telogen Effluvium?

    Yeah looking at your photo might be helpful. I used to shed 15-20 hair until I changed my diet. I hardly shed 2-4 hair now. I would also do a blood test to check your vitamin A,D ,E etc levels. You may also be allergic to something. Try altering your diet and stop stressing about it.
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    Bald Patches On Scalp But Hair Is Growing Back

    I recently created a thread here, yes hair do come back generally. In rare cases, it doesn't or diffused. I have stopped worrying about my hair and altered diet. The results are great, hair are growing back and are thicker.
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    Alopecia Areata Or A Final Infection

    To me that definitely sounds like Alopecia Areata. I noticed 3 spots recently on my crown area and have started growing hair already. Let me know if treatment is working for you.
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    My Alopecia Areata Story And Treatment Success

    Hi Guys, I hope everyone treating Alopecia Areata are doing just fine. I have a story to share with you guys and I hope it makes sense and proves helpful to others. I am a long time Alopecia Areata sufferer and I noticed my first bald spot on my beard in 2009 and it just continued since then...