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    Looking For Feedback On Avodart And Situation.

    You triggered a telogen effluvium. You can expect at least another 2 to 4 months of shedding before your hair loss stabilizes and regrowth starts should you continue to use Dutasteride. If you quit, you can expect to see the shedding continue until it's reached it's natural pattern of loss. Good...
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    Does Spironolactone Regrow Hair Via Blocking Androgens Or Fixing The Heart Valve

    It's actually a very weak anti androgen (AR Blocker) which needs to be taken at very high doses to have an effect. Some people believe that by blocking their androgen receptors DHT will have a lesser effect and possibly stop hair loss. It can also lower blood pressure through it's ability to...
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    Balding Or Not..................................

    If no change at 1 year you definitely need to contact Hanson and Wong and set up a consultation for a mega session. You're gonna need at least 5000 grafts!
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    Advice Before Taking Finesteride 1 Mg

    This is bad advice. Your doctor may feel it's not necessary because you are using Finasteride to treat hair loss. However, I strongly recommend baseline tests prior to starting any treatment that may effect your endocrine system. One reason to do so is not everyone responds to these drugs the...
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    Balding Or Not..................................

    I'm sure a 5000 graft hair transplant could fix that!
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    Dutasteride Early Side Effects Depression / Tiredness

    Generally the side effects you experience from these types of drugs are the result of hormonal changes taking place in the endocrine system. Dutasteride doesn't work instantly and takes a few weeks of daily dosing for serum levels to build high enough to suppress DHT. I would suspect what you're...
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    List Of Strongest To Weakest Antiandrogens

    You do know that blocking AR's increases Testosterone because it has less available receptors to bind with? Testosterone has no effect on the body when it's not bound lol.
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    Are There Serious Health Effect Using Long Term Dutasteride?

    I've been on it for 4 and a half years and had no problems. I have a sick *** solid head of hair to show for it also.
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    Dutasteride Not Lowering My Dht Levels

    Did you do baseline tests prior to starting Dutasteride? If you haven't then how do you know it hasn't effectively lowered your DHT levels? Are you taking the recommended daily dose? One dose does not fit all when it comes to dialing down or raising up hormonal levels. You might want to speak...
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    How Does Spironolactone Work Exactly?

    Bicalutiamide is also an androgen receptor blocker but more potent than Spironolactone. I have never used Bicalutamide but I have heard that the side effects are easier to deal with than spironolactone. If I had to do things over again I would have probably chose Bicalutamide.
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    How Does Spironolactone Work Exactly?

    Spironolactone in high doses works as an androgen receptor blocker, Cyproterone Acetate is an antigonadotropin which inhibits androgen production. With an androgen receptor blocker there will still be testosterone in normal to elevated serum levels that can aromatise and act on unblocked...
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    One Year On Avodart, 41 Y.o. Male, Pics – What Now?

    Some things to keep in mind in regards to male pattern baldness is that not only does the follicle miniaturize, but the hair cycle changes with it. The Anagen phase becomes shorter over time with the Catagen & Telogen phases becoming longer. Even though you are on treatment now the damage can't be reverted back...
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    How Can You Know Finasteride Is Working?

    Unfortunately the only way to know if Finasteride or Dutasteride is working is if you have cessation in hair shedding and observe visual thickening. You have to wait for existing hairs in problem areas to cycle out and regrow which takes many months, patients is key. You cannot gauge success...
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    Finasteride Recovery Stories, Plz Help

    At least I'm not a bald freak like you :p