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  • Hi, I stumbled across a forum thread for Viviscal. You were two months into it at the time and noticed improvement... I am currently taking it and was wanting to get some advice from someone who has taken it already. How long did you take it for, why did you stop taking it?
    Hello my name is Gregory.I have same problem i use minoxidil for my beard only 3 days and starting shedding hair from my head thean i stop , but shedding its still after 8 weeks when i stop hair looks worse before minoxidil never have shedding ...when shedding stop and hair back to normal . Sory for my englisch i from Europe ...Thank you
    Hey dochouse,
    Please can you tell me how long have you taken dutasteride?and how has it worked,and most importantly what is your family history of hairloss?please answer asap i am yrying to get on dutasteride.Thnks
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