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    Hutera - New 'microbubble' Topical Dutasteride

    I've seen this being talked about on tressless on reddit and on hairlosscure2020. source: A few days ago, there was another important new update from Naver in regards to a South Korea company. This time it is Moogene Medi and its highly unique ultrasound microbubble...
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    Mesotherapy With Substances Containing Dutasteride

    How did this work out, are you still on the treatment?
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    And another study with great results for Androgenetic Alopecia from Cetirizine .
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    Hair transplant at Eugenix, result post 4 months

    Looking good, have you stopped future loss? Also did you have a no shave proceedure?
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    Best place to get a consultation in London, UK?

    Hi hopefully you see this but Eugenix are doing consultations in London in Decmber 4th and 5th so email them to arrange
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    A new theory of the underlying cause of Hairloss

    Have you had any results from this? Can you explain the Adams apple bit please?
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    Levocetirizine 5mg/day halted my hair loss

    So why would this work exactly? Anti inflammatory or targets another issue?
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    HairClone will be available in some UK Clinics in "early 2022" - Paul Kemp, HairClone CEO

    Do you reckon you could follow up with her? Maybe even point her to this topic
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    HairClone will be available in some UK Clinics in "early 2022" - Paul Kemp, HairClone CEO

    If that worked as maintenance there would be a lot of happy people. You could keep what you have and get hair transplant to jump up a few norwoods
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    Hairclone's cell expansion service available in 2021

    Imagine if this works, wow, simply epic I would be more optimistic if Dr Kemp had a full head of hair though!
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    My Regimen And Progress Report Log (davat)

    everything i've researched about topical estrogen suggests its a bad idea. Also Tried RU it gave me racing heart and palpitations. Not good. I'm losing significant amounts of hair on the side and back of my head. Looks like I have some form of DUPA and retrograde alopecia as well as male pattern baldness loss...
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    This has worked for me! Try it for 7 days and send me your results

    So can we try any kind of melatonin topical? Would this be suitable...
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    Finasteride/Dutasteride Resistant Hairloss Groupchat

    Great idea. I've tried to do join the discord but it says link expired, is there a new invite link? Thanks. Edit. I'm in, no worries