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    How To Save My Hairline. Any Advice?

    Hi guys, I’ve been paranoid about my hair for about 4 years. I’ve got long hair but my hairline is getting worse. I use propecia and use regaine (when I can be bothered :( Any advice or anything else I can do? Does it look awful?
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    Please Help: Am I Balding? 99% Sure I Am

    Hey all. I'm currently experiencing hairloss which I began to notice back in 2014. My hair is now the longest its ever been and of course I am noticing a lot more. My hair on top is not as healthy as the hair at the back. What should I do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have big...
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    Am I balding? One minute I think yes, the next I think no!

    Thank you for your advice. I started minoxidil in November/December. So about 5ish months. My hair is super long (Afro/curly) so maybe I'm not seeing any regrowth because it's hidden under the long hair. That's what I'm hoping
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    Am I balding? One minute I think yes, the next I think no!

    Hello! So I am not sure if I'm balding! My hair is dry and I lose in the shower but I'm not sure if its normal. It doesnt feel normal to me :( The reason I ask is that I have curly hair. Big curls so my hair clumps together in large sections and I can see my scalp. My partner also has curly...