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    My Observation Of Effects Of Gla On A 70 Year Old

    What about topical GLA?
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    Cold showers thickened and strengthened my hair

    All you need to do is a final rinse of just your hair in cold water imo.
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    Anyone Seen This Study Outperforming minoxidil?

    FYI, as mentioned before, there is an additional thread here-
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    How Do You Apply Topicals On The Scalp?

    Here's what I do and it works like a charm. Buy Scalpicin, ~ $8.00 at Walmart, pour it out/ clean it, and use that applicator bottle. Works very well because the hole is very small allowing you to easily control flow.
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    My Zix Experience - How B6 And Zinc Have Saved My Hair

    Just curious, why is distilled water necessary vs any other bottled or filtered water?
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    Topical Liquid Ketoconazole Available In Spray Form

    Long time lurker, created an account just recently so I could pass this along/run it by the forum- In searching for a solution for a skin rash on my cat I came across a veterinary product (a spray) that contains ketoconazole @ 1% and chlorhexidine which is an anti-fungal,anti-microbial, and...