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    DHI versus FUE? Turkish clinics - is it real, does it work? is it better?

    You should do some research on what these things are. DHI is a form of FUE. You're wrong about those benefits.
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    24 years old can’t find a Dr in Turkey who thinks I’m a good candidate

    The problem is your age. You'll continue to lose hair so you'll need another transplant in 5 or 10 years. Most Turkish clinics have no ethics and suck. I'm sure they'll accept you.
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    UK Doctor/Clinic Recommendations - Temple work

    Dr. Ball or Dr. Reddy, maybe? But there's no clinic in the UK that can touch the skills available in Belgium, Spain or Portugal. It's worth going outside the UK.
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    Any affordable USA FUE doctors with great prices?

    Dr. Arocha in Texas. Dr. Vories in North Carolina. There are a few others, but most FUE starts at $7-$9.
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    Hairneva experience or alternatives?

    Where are you getting these clinics from?
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    Need recommendations for the best turkish clinics/doctors for african american hair types

    If you got the funds, go to Belgium. BHR Clinic, Dr. Mwamba, or Dr. Lupanzula.
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    HLC bad experience with customer relations (pre op)

    You could consider Demirsoy at Armamed, who charges something like 1.25/graft.
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    HLC bad experience with customer relations (pre op)

    All the HLC doctors speak English. They charge 2.5/graft if you agree to send them photos at month 6 and 12 for use in their social media (no face). That's the rate I paid. Dr. Pekiner and Dr. Keser are both former HLC docs and are both excellent Turkish options!
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    HLC bad experience with customer relations (pre op)

    I'm American. I flew into Istanbul then a short flight to Ankara. I stayed about a week and a half.
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    HLC bad experience with customer relations (pre op)

    There are many YouTube guides about how to prepare for a transplant. Things like a travel neck pillow, button down shirts (not pullover shirts), etc. Of course, it's recommended to have some old photos of your hair that the clinic can use to help draw your new hairline. I do recommend staying...
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    I need an advice to get a hair transplant

    @Balding curse @roondog7984 I'm not sure if Erdogan works on patients any more. I thought it was technician led. At 2.5 Euro/graft there are better options. Dr. Keser is 3.5/graft. He's excellent but probably out of your budget. Cheaper clinics I'd consider, FueCapilar is around 1/graft and...
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    HLC bad experience with customer relations (pre op)

    Remember that Pekiner was formerly a doctor at HLC. So you can expect the same technique (stick and place) as HLC. Another former doctor is Dr. Keser, who specializes in smaller procedures (maximum 700 grafts/day). I'm almost 9 months after my HLC procedure. It's pretty awesome. Not perfect but...