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    10 Months on Big 3 - Picture Update - what do I make of this?

    Finasteride is 18months, but looking at your temples is there many baby hairs as it looks like you lay just have a lot of lost ground and finasteride can't bring it back only grow baby hairs.
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    What Treatments Have Worked For You?

    I've tried everything but minoxidil 5% or 8% and finasteride orally 1mg plus mesotherapy. Prp definitely boosts my hair growth same as taking alot of supplements but i found the key point for me was using finasteride as it reverses the minaturisation for me.
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    Does topical finasteride work on women? Pls help

    I tried topical finasteride at first and noticed reduced hairfall but when i started taking it orally 1mg and/injecting it into my head via mesotherapy its really starting to grow back my hair. For me finasteride works like a treat but with everything on this disease ppl react differently so u...
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    Any advice on best approach going forward?

    I have been using minoxidil from belgravia for years with natural dht blocker however recently i experienced a shed which i think is due to a recent swing in my hormones (had endometriosis). Got put on yasmin afterwards (so should have anti androgenic effects) and did sone prp but I'm still...
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    Led/laser Helmets Recommendations Do They Work?

    I tried the laser helmet and nothing. But apparently if u have long hair it blocks the light (lol) so i should have purchased the comb
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    Belgravia problem. Need alternative source of Minoxidil w

    Minoxidil max is an American company that have good products