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    Evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of intradermal administration of QR678 Neo ® hair growth factor formulation: A phase-IV, open-label, single

    so its injections of this stuff S No Ingredients Quantity 1 Vascular endothelial growth factor 0.01mg/L – 100mg/L 2 Basic fibroblast growth factor 0.01mg/L – 100 mg/L 3 Insulin like growth factor 0.01mg/L – 100mg/L 4 Copper tripeptide 1 0.1mg/L – 500 mg/L 5 Keratinocyte growth...
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    Serum Paroxonase 1 level may be an Indicator and Predictor of the Severity of Androgenetic Alopecia

    Aww man - I guess I just downed that entire bottle of that stuff for nothing :(
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    Study claims success with 1mg finasteride every other month

    holy sh*t is this my lifefuel? I think ive been having finasteride sides and ive been on it for almost 10 months
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    Bayer Prolactin Receptor Antibody For Male And Female Pattern Hair Loss

    We are all on the same side - no reason to go at each others throats
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    Which norwood is my hairline currently at compared to before? 24m

    Since the hair in photo 2 is a lot longer it’s really hard to say exactly how much improvement there was. This is probably nw2.5 - approaching nw3 territory you have clearly maintained and thickened some so it looks like your results have been quite good brother. Best of luck
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    Applied Biology MinoxiBoost For Minoxidil NonResponders

    is it just me or does that link to their website connect you to a clip of two violinists rating ben shapiro's violin skills
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    6 Months into Finasteride I'm still miniaturizing along hairline and diffuse thinning - NEED HELP

    since starting finasteride 5 months and a week ago my my hair loss speed increased a lot and i thinned out especially at my hairline but really all over. Now i think im getting sides but i don't want to quit in case it returns what it took from me...
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    3 month hair growth results without using minoxidil or propecia(GREAT RESULTS)

    It’s keto cream not the shampoo - I would imagine it’s quite a bit stronger I don’t have any experience using either of those tho
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    She called me an egg - online dating realities

    what baldness does to a mthfka
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    Losing hair since mid 15's

    somebody needs to prevent Janey and their acolytes from grooming young guys like that that is just messed up
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    Is This Already Norwood 3 Or "only" Norwood 2?

    you seriously don't see a change in these images?
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    Does anyone here have any sexual fetishes?

    being tied up blindfolded undressed put in a gimp suit then taking the gimp suit off putting my clothes back on being untied and unblindfolded and i have my hair back