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    Researchers have rejuvenated a 53-year-old woman's skin cells so they are the equivalent of a 23-year-old's.

    I must be more closely related to a Macaque then... Maybe the men who keep hair all their life are closely related to gorillas.
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    I am NW6, I can feel a lot, although thin covering of vellus hairs throughout the top of my scalp. I am wondering if I died them with a hair dye if they might actually stand out. I have SMP and buzzcut my head. Would be good to give it a slight extra boost if I could make a difference by dying...
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    Stemson is going to use minipigs in the next stage of their hair cloning research

    Please Stemson - save us! There is article out today saying scientists have managed to make a woman's skin 30 years younger and they believe they can do this with other tissues in the body. ....Could follicles be made younger and grow hair again?.... Please someone find us the cure!
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    Stemson is going to use minipigs in the next stage of their hair cloning research

    Why would that youtube channel release these Stemson videos now...hyping it up...but the tests on pigs failed and they only recruited students...
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    Clinical observation of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) combined with minoxidil in the treatment of male androgenetic alopecia

    how significant was the bfgf + minoxidil growth...... photos? enough for me to want to get hold of this bfgf stuff? enough to turn a NW6 slick bald into boris johnson's hair?
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    HairClone will be available in some UK Clinics in "early 2022" - Paul Kemp, HairClone CEO

    if this does make dying hairs revive themselves wouldn't these new hairs just end up falling out due to male pattern baldness anyway?
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    dNovo new promissing player in the stemcell race

    this is very promising... we r gunna be cured within 5 years I think.
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    NW6 starting Minoxidil + Microneedling - help

    is oral minoxidil more effective than topical?
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    NW6 starting Minoxidil + Microneedling - help

    Hi, I have never used any balding medications...Minoxidil or Propecia etc....Started balding age 16 so never really had the money to do it, especially as I also went to university. So by the time I was earning ok money my hair was already ruined. In my 30's now... I am NW6..... I heard about...
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    dNovo new promissing player in the stemcell race

    Just inject it in muh head, I'll test it.... wot else they need to do? they just need to see if it works on a human, just inject it and within 7 months u have result then all bald men in world can be as hairy as they want to be if they can afford it.
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    dNovo new promissing player in the stemcell race

    pls can they inject muh blood into muh scalp and give me!!!!!!! right now! Or I do it muhself?
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    FUE for people 'without enough donor'

    Has anyone who was told by surgeons that they did not have enough donor hair to create a good outcome (likely high norwood people) got creative and managed to find a surgeon who has agreed to 'over-harvest' the donor area to create something like a skin fade look with SMP done to cover up...