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    My Journey With Dr Demirsoy 2042 Grafts Armamed With Pics

    Another update photo which was taken a few days ago at 1 week under 5 months post op
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    16m Is My Crown Thinning? Or Normal

    I can see that you are receding. Might be time to start looking at hair transplants for a couple years time
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    Would I Be A Good Finasteride Candidate?

    If you are sure that you're receding, then I’d say definitely go back on Finasteride. I’ve been on finasteride for almost 3 years and now 31. If I could change anything, I would of went on finasteride in my mid 20’s as it may of saved me a hair transplant that I’ve had recently. Very rare that people do get...
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    How Bad Is It Now? Time To Do Something? Age 22

    They do look very similar, but hard to say. If your really worried and you are sure that you’re receeding, then I’d jump on Finasteride to help prevent any further hair loss. I wish I jumped on it years ago
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    11 Months On Finasteride. Any Thoughts?

    Finasteride is more for maintaining/keeping your hair rather than regrowth, but the good news is you’ve started very early. I’d personally throw in some minoxidil, even once a day helps a lot and you might see regrowth
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    6 Months finasteride And Minoxidil - Progress So Far

    Good to see your hairs growing strong! I did try your steps with the big 3 and I definitely think it slightly improved the thickness of my hair and a couple people who hadn’t seen me in ages, thought I dyed by hair. However in the end I went for a hair transplant and now 3 months post op I hoped...
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    What Is The Best Way To Deal With Depression?

    Keep your chin up mate. Best thing to do is to focus on something that will make you feel better I.e gym. Get in good shape and that will also make you feel better about yourself. There have been times where I’ve been really down, but keeping myself occupied and seeing my mates really helped. If...
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    My Journey With Dr Demirsoy 2042 Grafts Armamed With Pics

    Thanks! Buzzing for the next couple months
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    How Many Grafts And Is Demirsoy The Right Choice?

    I’m not sure how many grafts you would need as I can’t see any photos, however as for Demirsoy, he is excellent. I’m currently in a group chat with 7 others who have recently had hair transplants with Demirsoy and I’m also just over 3 months post op. The service was second to none and they would...
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    Any Experience With Turkish Clinics??

    I’m 6 weeks post op with Demirsoy and the service was second to none. I wouldn’t of changed my choice. Have you had yours done yet? Or when are you booked in? I’m sure you won’t regret mate
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    My Journey With Dr Demirsoy 2042 Grafts Armamed With Pics

    Donor area pretty much back to normal too
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    My Journey With Dr Demirsoy 2042 Grafts Armamed With Pics

    Day 32 photo below. Almost all the hair grafts have fallen and rocking a forest gump hair cut currently. Had my first hair cut a few days ago but didn’t touch the top. I have got some shock loss to my crown annoyingly, but not too worried
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    My Journey With Dr Demirsoy 2042 Grafts Armamed With Pics

    below is my 2 week update. I removed scabs between day 9-10. Still sleeping on my neck pillow, although I know I don’t have too. there are some dark bits in my hair but I think that’s where the clippers maybe missed when they cut my hair. My next update will probably be in a few weeks time
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    My Transplant Procedure With Dr. Demirsoy 2985 Grafts Armamed

    Looks good mate! I can see you getting some decent results