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    3200 Graft Update - 6 Month - Dr Wasserbauer - Walnut Creek, Ca

    Yep on it. I just emailed the dr office and asked for a set of photos. They takes LOTS of photos. You do a photo shoot before surgery, then after surgery. Then you come back for suture removal and then do another set. Then 6 month progress follow-up and another set. I’ll probably get them back...
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    3200 Graft Update - 6 Month - Dr Wasserbauer - Walnut Creek, Ca

    lol thanks man, too kind, too kind. here’s a couple pics my wife just took. my 1700 FUT was 12/23/20 so I guess I’m 3.5 weeks out with the healing. I do tend to pick at it a bit which I’m sure I shouldn’t do... can’t help it.
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    3200 Graft Update - 6 Month - Dr Wasserbauer - Walnut Creek, Ca

    hi, I think I do somewhere. I’ll dig them up. I’m actually currently post op right now (again). I went back a couple weeks ago for a smaller Fut, 1700 grafts or so, mostly to fill in the top.
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    Potential botched hair transplant, need another opinion

    The idea is that once your new hair grows in you won’t have to be preoccupied with the texture of your scalp
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    Dr Diep fue reviews/advice in San Fran.

    FWIW, I just had my second and last FUT with dr Sara Wasserbauer over here in Walnut Creek. But I’ll admit I never shopped around. Her office is 10 min from me and after my consultation she seemed cool and competent. Staff is friendly. Like I said I didn’t shop around... I was looking for...
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    Serious Shock Loss After Fut Very Worried

    Curious if there’s any updates here. I’m not a surgeon but I don’t recommend messing with your scar. You could try a simple derma roller from Amazon. I’m pretty sure they’ve been proven effective at reducing scar tissue buildup. b real, I have to say if my doctor treated me in my situation like...
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    1st timer for hair transplant...strip or FUE?

    I just did my 2nd and final strip procedure and would vote for strip. I went to my first consultation asking for FUE, money isn’t a problem for me, but after the consultation I changed my mind and opted for strip. That was 2019. I just did another smaller strip procedure several weeks ago...
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    What Is It Like To Live In The Us? Really Depressed Here In Germany

    hmm nothing you said is even remotely connected to reality, but we’ve known for a while that trump supporters’ entire existence depends on a disconnect from the truth.
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    What Is It Like To Live In The Us? Really Depressed Here In Germany

    and on top of it all we have a sociopathic con man in the White House who lost the vote by about 2 million.
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    Consultation Tips And Tricks | What To Ask?

    FYI, from my experience here in the SF bay area, you don’t necessarily have to take meds leading up to your surgery, though it could only help. I was told as long as you start the meds immediately after the surgery you’ll be good to go.
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    Would It Be Worth It For Me To Use Propecia When I'm Older?

    Where’s your mommy? Pretty infantile for you to bich about it after going through and disliking every post I’ve made. Grow up.
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    Anyone Else Notice Mgk Got A Really Bad Transplant?

    true. My hair surgeon said this very thing. She was drawing the line of my potential hair line and said she didn’t want to come too low because it would be too obvious, wouldn’t look natural.
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    Does Hair Loss Really Gets Stabilised After Turning 30

    Hell no. I’m 42 and most of my hair loss occurred starting 36-37. Your genes determine when your hair loss starts and how fast it progresses. The only way to “stabilize” hair loss is to throw lots of time and money at it, though some in here have had great results with just time and hard work.
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    3200 Graft Update - 6 Month - Dr Wasserbauer - Walnut Creek, Ca

    Thanks much. Taking 2.5mg oral Min daily which is half the dose I'm supposed to take. I was worried about dark circles around my eyes and other effects on my skin. I've had insomnia most my life and was also worried it would make it harder to sleep which is the last thing I need. No sides to...