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    3507 grafts by Dr. Cooley on 8/30/06

    Few Questions Is this Dr. Cooley is the same as Dr. Jerry Cooley in North Carolina? And can you please share how much did this transplant session cost? Thanks.
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    Good Transplant Doctor in Tennessee / Georgia area?

    Thank you for your response. You may understand that I am leary after having a bad experience. So I just want to know if someone else can confirm Dr. Edmond Griffin in Atlanta area. What about Dr. Jack Fisher in Nashville, TN? His web site says that he is board certified plastic surgeon...
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    Good Transplant Doctor in Tennessee / Georgia area?

    Well I got scammed by an hair transplant clinic in Alabama. In 2006, I paid $4000 for 450 grafts (strip) with very low density. I was Norwood 2 going to 3. Now I am looking for a good hair transplant surgeon in Tennessee / Georgia area to complete the graft process on the front area. Can some one please post the complete...